Dashy explains why he would “love” to join Atlanta FaZe

Dashy on OpTic Texas at CoD Champs 2022Call of Duty League

After a drama-filled exodus from OpTic Texas, it’s time for Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell to begin looking for a new Call of Duty League team and he’s got a surprising reason that he’d love to join up with Atlanta FaZe.

The Dashy saga has been a wild one for Call of Duty fans across the board. Starting almost immediately after CDL Major 1, rumors flew that OpTic’s star AR player could be headed to the bench due to internal issues.

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While the details took several weeks to come to light, it’s all out in the open now, and the young supertalent has been quite vocal about wanting to get back onto a team and keep grinding the game.

While he’d be a stellar addition to nearly any lineup in the league, he does have connections to ATL FaZe that would make him an interesting candidate for the red-and-black brand, but when asked by Ben Nissim if he has any interest in playing there, it wasn’t the all-star lineup that piqued Otell’s interest.

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Dashy says he’d love to play for Atlanta FaZe because of their coach

Nissim, former FaZe analyst and current cohost of The Flank, cut right to the chase about the longstanding murmurs that he might eventually end up on that squad eventually.

“We can finally put that conversation to bed if you want to address it right now,” he offered.

“Dude, I’d love to play for Crowder, no bull***t. Just him specifically,” Dashy admitted. “A lot of people don’t know this, but going into [Black Ops 4] if I didn’t join OpTic I was going to go to FaZe.”

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He continued to say that it was largely due to his reputation and positive attitude when they played together. “He’s literally the same way now as he was back then five years ago.”

During the same conversation, Otell also revealed that teams have already reached out to ask about picking him up but that he doesn’t expect anything to happen before Major 2.

After taking home third place in the first Major of the year (now with Slasher at the helm) it doesn’t seem like Atlanta is quite ready to make that happen, but there’s clearly some interest if the timing works out in the future.

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