Arcitys responds to Vikul calling out his attitude after difficult CDL season

arcitys and vikul side by side imageLA Guerrillas/Call of Duty League

With both players’ teams eliminated from Champs contention and now facing a lengthy offseason break, LA Guerrillas’ Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson has responded to criticisms from Florida Mutineers’ Javier ‘Vikul’ Milagro.

Both LA Guerrillas and Florida Mutineers had incredibly tough Call of Duty League seasons in 2023, with neither team ever really managing to get off the ground, finishing 10th and 11th in the standings, ahead only of London Royal Ravens.

The two organizations are also at risk of not being in the league at all next year. Earlier in 2023, LA Guerrillas and its parent company, The Guard, laid off a large number of its staff, with rumors abound that they were looking to pull out of both the COD League and the Overwatch League.

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Similarly, Dexerto reported in May that Florida Mutineers are partnering with Spanish organization Team Heretics to form the Miami Heretics, replacing the Mutineers in the CDL.

So with both teams seemingly on the way out or wanting to get out of the league, there were questions about whether they would really invest and provide the resources to make the teams competitive.

VIkul has argued, however, that Arcitys himself wasn’t even trying by the end of the season, calling his attitude into question. He even specifically called out a play Arcitys made when he pulled out an SMG on Himmelmatt Expo control.

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“I like Arcitys, I think he’s good, I have a lot of respect for him,” the Spaniard started. “After games he’s tweeting out about his teammates and how sh*t the season is. Like, regain, man … It’s actually depressing bro. I was going mad hard every day in scrims. I wasn’t giving up, or tweeting out how dogs**t we were, or tweeting out how my team has f**ked me over.”

Arcitys responded, saying: “You act like I did any of that for my teammates and tweeting depressing sh*t was not COD related…u don’t know how I was I tried every day don’t talk about sh*t I gave my everything.

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“For him to say I don’t try cause I tried using a sub, I tried in scrims as well? I promise when I was tweeting it was mostly personal sh*t so before you talk publicly about me send a DM before you wanna put dirt on my sh*t.”

With their offseason already underway, both players will be looking ahead to the 2024 season, figuring out their team situation and seeing how they can improve on their 2023 outing.

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After these comments, though, both players will most definitely be looking to prove they still belong right at the top.

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