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Cricket World Champion Jofra Archer hates Warzone explosives

Published: 4/Jun/2020 13:27 Updated: 4/Jun/2020 13:30

by Joe Craven


Jofra Archer, Cricket World Cup winner and England fast bowler, has hilariously hit out at Warzone over the strength of explosives, joking that he is close to reporting his opponents. 

Archer, much like Warzone, exploded onto the scene and has become adored by fans across the world. Despite being just 24 years old at the time, he bowled England’s super over in the 2019 Cricket World Cup Final against New Zealand, winning the tournament for England for the first time.

He has since shared his experiences with Call of Duty, including some sniping from 2017’s CoD: WWII. It seems he plays this year’s Modern Warfare too, joining Warzone streamer WarsZ for some live matches.

IG: JofraArcher
Archer celebrates winning the World Cup.

Archer and WarsZ, the latter perhaps best known as the Warzone Wednesday partner of Vikkstar, teamed up for some squad matches, racking up a few impressive wins.

One game in particular saw the squad come out with 50 kills between them, with WarsZ racking up 30 on his own. Archer, however, secured the win with a clutch two-piece at the very end.

Despite the wins and the abundance of eliminations, Archer has some issues with aspects of Warzone – namely how powerful explosives are. This is not a particularly new complaint, with a host of community members calling for nerfs to RPGs and C4s.

While Trophy Systems on vehicles can protect against some explosives, C4s are immune and can, if thrown onto a vehicle, blow it up and instantly kill everyone inside. This doesn’t seem too popular with the cricketer, who brilliantly tweeted that he’s going to report players who C4 his vehicle.

We’re sure a whole host of Warzone players will agree with Archer, with many players echoing his views that vehicles are too easy to blow up. Proximity Mines left in the road, for example, will blow up a vehicle if they are driven over.

Others argue that vehicles need sufficient counters as a result of being able to run people over. C4s are just one counter to discourage players trying to run over enemies. Archer, however, appears to come down on the side of the former argument.

Call of Duty

xQc stunned by toxic Call of Duty players in Black Ops Cold War

Published: 18/Nov/2020 1:55

by Bill Cooney


Twitch Star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is no stranger to trash talk, but what he heard while playing Call of Duty: Cold War was enough to throw even him for a loop.

Call of Duty: Cold War is one of the hottest games on Twitch right now, and xQc certainly seems to have gotten a taste of the series’ legendary chatroom toxicity.

We’re not saying that this is a symptom of the CoD community overall, but the series has built up a reputation for being host to some hilariously venomous lobbies. xQc found this out firsthand while sitting in a lobby, and after getting knocked out.

xQc Cold War toxic
The face when the CoD lobby gets a little too lit.

Ask anyone who’s played Call of Duty for long enough, and there’s a good chance is they’ll have a hilarious story about a toxic lobby or three that they’ve been a part of over the years. Now, xQc can officially add that to his list of accomplishments as well.

During a late-night/early morning stream on November 17, Felix ran into a rowdy lobby he tried to calm down in vain, before being called out himself.

“Guys, guys, guys, it’s 3 AM on a f***ing Monday, you guys are playing Call of Duty talking shit,” the former Overwatch pro begged, to no avail, and got told to shut his mouth, just not quite with that exact term.

After this, you’d probably figure things couldn’t get more radioactive, right? Well, you would be wrong, because Felix also ran into some incredibly toxic personalities while he was playing.

After getting knocked out, xQc asked, “It was you right?” before being told in graphic detail what his assailant wanted to do to him. We won’t type the quote out here, but the clip below should give you the gist.

The Canadian does come from the wild west that can be Overwatch games, but nothing really compares to being cursed out by an absolute random in CoD.

Whether Felix will return to Black Ops remains to be seen, especially since he seems to have had the full experience during this stream alone.