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Crazy Warzone Loadout Drop glitch drops hundreds of weapons

Published: 22/Jul/2021 16:41

by Jaret Kappelman


A bizarre Warzone bug causes this squad’s Loadout Drop to disappear after one person collects it. However it then dropped hundreds of the selected loadout for the rest of the team.

The Season Four Reloaded update has brought its fair share of content to Warzone. From new weapons and killstreaks to new game modes this update has Call of Duty fans excited to play the game.

Players have been dropping into Verdansk and, to no surprise, there have been some glitches that squads have encountered.

These players were definitely mind blown when they ran into this latest Loadout Drop bug that didn’t let all the members of the squad pick what loadout to run in this game.


Warzone Multiple Loadout Drop glitch
Warzone players were confused as multiple of the same loadout dropped after being selected.

Warzone Loadout Drop performs magic trick

Getting a Loadout Drop in Warzone significantly helps a player because it allows them to use guns with the attachments and perks that they find ideal.

This latest bug caused a player to select his loadout, and then have his selected loadout on the ground for everyone else, but it might have dropped a bit too many.

So only my friend got his load out before it glitched and disappeared, however it instead left a ton of duplicates of his load out… from CODWarzone

In the clip you see a player climb the ladder to select his loadout. After doing so the box disappears as it usually does, but drops hundreds of the loadout that the player selected.

The squad drops down the ladder to find enough Grau 5.56s and AK-74us to donate to most of the lobby.


The community had some funny reactions to this bug. One Redditor channeled their inner Oprah Winfrey, writing “You get a Grau! You get a Grau! EVERYBODY GETS A GRAU!!”

This bug could have a huge impact on the late game aspect but at the time of writing it appears to only be a bug and not an exploit. So it is unclear if players can abuse this and have an infinite amount of ammo.