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NICKMERCS reveals the best overkill Warzone loadout in Season 4

Published: 22/Jul/2021 10:36 Updated: 22/Jul/2021 10:37

by James Busby


The C58 recently received a nerf to repair the broken 4x sight, which was giving it a reduced recoil pattern. However, Call of Duty content creator Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff believes this AR is still the best AR in Warzone.

While Raven Software have finally fixed the C58’s recoil, the Cold War AR continues to dominate the competition in Warzone Season 4. This deadly Assault Rifle currently ranks second in terms of popularity and has a 9.2% pick ratio. If that wasn’t enough, the C58 also has the highest K/D ratio (1.31) in the game. Because of this, both casual and pro Warzone players utilize the C58 to wrack up high kill count games. 


Combining both accuracy and high amounts of damage, the C58 can shred through armor and quickly put people in the ground. Paired with a deadly secondary in the form of the MAC-10, and you have a recipe for success. Call of Duty content creator NICKMERCS recently gave his opinions on why he thinks everyone should be using this lethal combo. 

C58 Warzone loadout
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The C58 is incredibly precise across all ranges.

During his July 21 video, Nick explained why he thinks the C58 and MAC-10 are the top meta picks in Season 4. “I’ve been trying a bunch of different guns,” says Nick. “The Bruen’s back, the Grau’s back, the M4 – all that stuff. After using all these different guns, I’m still sticking true to that C58 as my main and the MAC-10 as my pocket class.”


Originally, the C58’s 4x sight optic was giving the AR minimal recoil. In fact, the AR barely moved at all when fired full-auto. While the C58 may no longer have a significantly reduced recoil pattern, Nick believes it’s still the best AR in the current meta. Meanwhile, the MAC-10 has remained a stalwart choice since its introduction during the Cold War integration. 

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“These guns, in my opinion, are undefeatable. The C58 is for sure the main AR that everybody is using right now,” says Nick. “Now the MAC-10 is something you can play around with a little bit.” After all, the SMG meta is pretty diverse at the moment, with guns like the Bullfrog and MP5 being solid choices. 


“I think this [loadout] is perfect for high kill games, it really packs a punch. It’s got a solution to any problem, anything you face on the map.” Nick is certainly not the only Warzone streamer that loves the C58 and MAC-10 combo. JGOD also believes that both weapons are still meta, so it’s not hard to see why these guns are still top choices for so many players.