CoD Zombies fans want classic Black Ops maps & weapons to return


Eight months have passed since Black Ops Cold War released to mixed reviews. In that time, only three Zombies maps are available to demolish the undead within. Some fans don’t think that is enough. 

The latest map for Zombies, Mauer Der Toten, debuted on July 15th. Bringing players back to the familiar setting of Berlin, many hoped they would be treated to a rebooted version of classic map Kino Der Toten. Like Die Maschine before it, the debut Cold War map retrofitted elements of Nacht Der Untoten, the first-ever map in Zombies history. Combining the core house spawn point with unnerving science labs and chilling forest surroundings, the launch map was a resounding success. 

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Having captured the goodwill of fans across the globe, the pressure was on for Treyarch to deliver a worthy successor.

In spite of all that acclaim, the future of Cold War Zombies hasn’t been quite the return players were hoping for. 

A horde of zombies are shot with a futuristic weapon.Activision
Die Maschine proved Zombies could make a comeback.

Classic Zombies maps & weapons are wanted

In May of 2017, the Zombies Chronicles expansion pack was released for Black Ops III. Packaging together a collection of remastered maps and some new additions alike, the DLC was welcome with open arms upon release. Upscaling player favorites like Der Riese and Ascension onto the glossy, polished engine of Black Ops III at the time saw new life breathed into these maps. They were also aided by the inclusion of the gobble gum enhancements and fresh perks such as Mule Kick too. 

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If Cold War Zombies can’t conjure any more hype going forward, then the question needs to be asked: is it time for a Zombie Chronicles 2? Well, hundreds of players have invaded the Zombies subreddit to voice their approval of a new DLC pack. 

“Definitely yes! That would be much better than waiting almost 5 months for one map for free,” said one fan.

Bringing GOAT tier maps like Call of The Dead or Shi No Numa onto the next-gen power of Cold War could be an immense improvement for the Zombies community. As Cold War Zombies enables players to spawn with their own loadouts, the options for bespoke carnage are off the charts. 

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“I just want a collection of all the Zombie game modes/maps. Yes even BO4, Advanced, and infinite warfare, and ww2,” added another fan. “Add all the guns, have a tier system like BOCW, Gold, Diamond, Dark Matter, and a camo for maxing all guns.”

For one player Zombies is the only reason to consider booting up Cold War. Coming at ludicrous file sizes, the decision to keep such a huge game installed is a testament to the power Zombies can have. Aside from the maps themselves, it has been forever since players had their hands on weapons like the iconic Wunderwaffe DG-2.

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Five months have passed between Firebase Z and Mauer Der Toten’s respective releases, which is too big a gap for some fans.

Putting together a new collection of high-resolution delights would still be time-consuming but, clearly, there is an appetite for it.