CoD fans heartbroken as Vanguard gets same number of Twitch viewers as people sleeping

Theo Salaun
call of duty vanguard person sleeping
Activision / Pexels

Call of Duty players are experiencing the full range of emotions as Vanguard’s Twitch viewership plummets. Now, it’s reached the point that the game has as many viewers as… people literally sleeping on stream. 

Twitch is an interesting place and its viewership can’t necessarily tell you everything you need to know about a game’s popularity. But it’s still an easy way to gauge interest in a title and see how it stands up to other games.

While no one would be surprised if ASMR or hot tub streams were outperforming a multiplayer shooting game, Vanguard is facing stiffer, sleepier competition. As people noticed, Twitch viewers seem just as interested in watching streamers asleep as they are in CoD’s latest game.

With a modest 3.1k apiece, it seems that Vanguard tied with the “I’m Only Sleeping” category.

Vanguard struggles to compete with Twitch sleeping streams

As you can see in the picture above, there was a point where Vanguard and “I’m Only Sleeping” had the same amount of viewers. This isn’t the most exciting news for CoD fans, who were quick to note their heartbreak.

FaZe Kalei, who has considered swapping to Apex Legends herself, mentioned how Black Ops 3 used to get “30k viewers constantly.” Remarking on that regression, she said that “s**t’s sad now.”

Popular Warzone streamer Aydan, who swapped to Apex Legends recently, also chimed in. The top-tier earner simply threw down a laughing emoji, joining those who find the state of the CoD franchise laughable.

It’s worth noting that “I’m Only Sleeping” is, in fact, a video game – but its category was largely co-opted by streamers who sleep on stream. So, with that in mind, viewers were just as interested in sleeping streamers as they were in Vanguard streamers.

At the moment, the CoD franchise is at a bit of a crossroads. There are questions about the games’ direction and company’s treatment of its employees. These concerns may need to be addressed for Vanguard to hit a redemption arc.