CoD Vanguard players frustrated by “painfully slow” Battle Pass XP gains

CoD Vanguard players frustrated by "painfully slow" Battle Pass XP gainsActivision

Call of Duty: Vanguard players have been grinding the new Battle Pass that dropped with Season 1, but many claim it’s extremely hard to level up as the XP gains are minimal. 

Season 1 was released on December 8, giving Vanguard players five new weapons, operator skins, and a Battle Pass with 100 tiers.

While the pass is meant to be a season-long grind, casual players are finding it extremely difficult to put in enough time as they feel progression is “way too slow.”

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Vanguard players aggravated by Battle Pass XP 

Warzone Vanguard Season 1 artActivision
Vanguard Battle Pass users have discovered it takes a long time to level up a tier.

In a Reddit post by ‘OneUpMaximus’ they bring up how it is taking nearly triple the amount of game to level up a battle pass tier in Vanguard than it did in Cold War.

The player claims that it can take roughly seven games to go up a single-tier whereas it would take around two or three in Cold War to do the same thing.

One Redditor said, “I played six and a half hours tonight. I BARELY gained three battle pass tiers. That’s one tier every two hours. Unlike last year when I was getting a tier every hour.”

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This means that casual players that only play around two hours a night can’t afford to miss a single day if they want to achieve the final tier. With an excepted end date in February, Season 1 will run for around 90 days.

Vanguard Season 1 Battle PassActivision
Players want easier ways to reach tier 100 in the Vanguard Battle Pass.

If it takes two hours to get a tier then players will need to grind 200 hours or over eight days of in-game time to get all the rewards which some people think it’s entirely too long.

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“Double XP should be the normal XP rates for Vanguard considering there are more weapon levels and battle pass takes longer to level.”

There is no telling if devs will adjust this for the next season, but one thing is certain, the fans want a better method to level up their battle pass.