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Warzone’s meta Bren loadout becomes even better with underused attachment

Published: 6/Jan/2022 21:39

by Theo Salaun


The Call of Duty: Warzone meta has settled on the Bren LMG, but there’s one attachment players might be using wrong. As shown by a CoD streamer, the gun can become even more of a laser with a simple change. 

After the Automaton got nerfed into the ground, the Bren surged in popularity. It hits like a truck and controls like a coupe, making it a terror in long-range gunfights.

Most Warzone players have adopted a similar loadout for the LMG, based on popular builds among casuals and the game’s pros. Even just looking at attachment pick rates, it seems that the Bren class is basically unanimous.


If you want even tighter recoil, though, there is a change you can make. As ModernWarzone revealed based on testing, an underutilized Stock might be better for a number of players.

Warzone meta Bren loadout improved by one attachment

As you can see in the clip from MWZ, the Hockenson SP2B Stock actually has a tighter recoil pattern than the “meta” Queen’s Model 11 BH. This goes contrary to the belief of most players, as the Queen’s Model has become the preferred option for many.

Looking at the pick rates, the Queen’s Model is used on 61.9% of Bren loadouts, while the Hockenson is used on just 20.9% of them. This may feel somewhat surprising, given how much more tightly clustered the Hockenson’s recoil pattern seems to be in MWZ’s test.


warzone bren loadout recoil patterns
Twitter, @ModernWarzone
Comparing the recoil patterns for each Bren Stock.

In the picture above, the first three (left to right) recoil patterns are all the Hockenson, the fourth is the Queen’s Model, and the last two are both Oak & Shield Stocks. It’s an interesting comparison, as the Hockenson definitely seems to have a tighter spread compared to the Queen’s serpentine pattern.

Of course, recoil control is ultimately about the player’s feel first and foremost. Many prefer the Queen because it shoots in a straighter line and you can adapt to its swaying recoil pattern.

The Hockenson, by contrast, does shoot in a relatively straight line – but it has some side-to-side bounce along the way. If you’re not fully comfortable with the Queen’s S-shaped recoil pattern, then the Hockenson’s straight, but bouncy pattern will feel much better.