CoD Vanguard players demand changes to “annoying” Care Package killstreak

James Busby
CoD Vanguard Care Package killstreak screen

Care Packages have been a staple killstreak in the Call of Duty series, but the Vanguard iteration is causing a lot of frustration for players. 

While CoD Vanguard’s Mortar Barrage has received the brunt of player complaints, there have also been a number of grievances surrounding the game’s Care Packages. Unlike previous titles in the series, Vanguard’s Care Packages don’t exactly stay put when they’ve been airdropped. 

Instead, the gigantic supply box is dropped early, which ends up causing the cargo to bounce across the map. This often leads to the Care Package toppling off the battlefield or ending up in unreachable places. The issues surrounding this killstreak have led many players to call for adjustments. 

CoD Vanguard players call for Care Package changes

CoD Vanguard Care Package killstreak screen
CoD Vanguard’s Care Packages have led to a lot of frustrations.

Care Packages are often a popular choice amongst players looking to grab themselves some random killstreaks. While the contents aren’t always valuable, they can sometimes reward you with Attack Dogs or a devastating Firebombing Run. 

It’s because of this random chance that makes Care Packages an exciting addition to any Call of Duty game. However, Vanguard’s killstreak drops aren’t exactly proving popular amongst the game’s community. 

“I got six Care Packages today and only collected two,” said one player. “The rest went out of the map or somewhere unreachable.” This problem is highlighted even further when playing on Vanguard’s smaller maps, where there is less space for the killstreak to land in. 

“Even if they land flat you have to stand there for five seconds while it comes to a complete standstill, it’s just straight sh*t,” explained another disgruntled user. This can lead to some incredibly frustrating scenarios, particularly when an enemy player gets an easy kill while you’re trying to desperately claim your streak. 

A recent posting on the official Vanguard Trello board indicates that the developers are looking into this issue, so the wonky nature of Vanguard’s Care Packages should soon be rectified in a future patch. Until then, it’s best to avoid using Care Packages until a fix is released. 

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