CoD Pros Skrapz and ZooMaa Make Hilarious Appearance on Twitch Dating Show

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Professional players Tommy “ZooMaa” Paparatto and Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall shocked tens of thousands of viewers on a Twitch dating show, as they ‘kept it real’ with the four girls.

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The dating show on Twitch has been gaining popularity in recent months, organized and broadcasted by streamer ‘RajjPatell’, they invite four female streamers on, who must pick their favorite from a selection of potential suitors.

The most recent episode, on August 28, had professional gamers on, including top CoD players ZooMaa and Skrapz, as well as Tempo Storm owner Reynad.

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British player Skrapz was up first, and his thick English accent immediately threw the girls off, but he wasn’t dissuaded. However, it would be fair to say Skrapz didn’t exactly keep it PG.

He called out the girls for being gold diggers, more interested in money and fame than looks and personality.

However, Skrapz didn’t pretend that he was any better, admitting he had simple tastes in his potential matches too.

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Finally, Skrapz calls the girls out for acting too innocent, explaining in no uncertain terms what he thinks goes down when they take a partner back to their place – and it doesn’t involve video games.


Things really took off though when ZooMaa made his appearance on the show – and he had a few things to say about the girls, who he didn’t think were being very nice to Skrapz.

It was clear right from the start that ZooMaa had little interest in actually getting to know the girls, and was there purely for the entertainment and to defend his friend.

He later turned his attention to streamer and model Savana, accusing her of being ‘fake’, and only on the show for attention, rather than actually for the purpose of dating or giving dating advice.

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Before leaving the show (or being voted off), ZooMaa also made reference to one of his common in game pseudonyms – ‘the stallion’.


It was an eventful evening for the organizers, who did manage to get their highest peak viewership for the show yet, at over 16,000 concurrent as ZooMaa went on his tirade.

Some viewers were asking that eUnited player James “Clayster” Eubanks be invited on for next show, given his history with one of the streamers, and the host, Rajj, seemed open to the idea.

You can watch the full episode of the dating show livestream here on RajjPatel’s channel.

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