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CoD Pro Octane Leaves OpTic Gaming to Join 100 Thieves for the Black Ops 4 Season [UPDATED]

Published: 1/Sep/2018 1:47 Updated: 1/Sep/2018 3:41

by Albert Petrosyan


A massive roster change announcement has sent shock waves through the Call of Duty community as OpTic Gaming’s Sam ‘Octane’ Larew has left the org and joined 100 Thieves.

The move was announced late in the day on August 31, with the announcements coming simultaneously on each org’s respective Twitter accounts.

We would like to thank Sam “Octane” Larew for his time on our Call of Duty team and wish him the best as he continues to compete in the CWL.

Announcing the third member of our professional Call of Duty team.

Welcome to 100 Thieves @Octane_



The pro player also tweeted about the roster move, expressing his gratitude to OpTic for the opportunity and also looking ahead to his new journey with 100 Thieves.

Thank you to @OpTicGaming for everything they’ve done for me over the last few months; an unfortunate ending but we made some great memories. It’s time to set my sights on bringing home a championship for @100Thieves and all of you guys. #HonorAmongThieves.

Octane will now join former Team Kaliber players Kenny ‘Kenny’ Williams and Maurice ‘Fero’ Henriquez, who joined 100 Thieves only a few days ago.

This means that the org’s competitive CoD roster for the Black Ops 4 season is nearly complete, with just one open spot now remaining on the team.

Octane’s spell with OpTic was rather brief and unsuccessful as the team failed to win any of the three events they competed in since his arrival in May, including a disastrous group stage exit at the 2018 CWL Championships.

Prior to joining OpTic, the longtime veteran had a successful 1.5 years with Luminosity Gaming, having won the 2018 CWL Birmingam Open, placed second at the 2018 New Orleans Open, and won CWL Anaheim in 2017.

Although the specifics of Octane’s transfer to 100T will likely not be revealed anytime soon, it appears that all the paperwork had been taken care of days ahead of the announcement, as the player is currently on vacation at the time the move was announced.

Octane has since announced that he was dropped by OpTic Gaming ahead of his move to 100 Thieves.

Now all eyes will be on Optic Gaming and their roster dealings, as the org has found itself thrust into the RosterMania spotlight for the second time in three months, after not making a single roster move in a span of over three years before then. 

Call of Duty

Modern Warfare & Warzone Oct 28 update nerfs JAK-12 shotgun: patch notes

Published: 28/Oct/2020 17:32

by Theo Salaun


A new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone patch, deployed on October 28, nerfs Season 6’s JAK-12 shotgun while addressing a few bugged issues across Verdansk and multiplayer playlists.

The R9-0 shotgun with Dragon’s Breath rounds may be the most popular shottie in Call of Duty right now, following nerfs to the Origin-12, but it’s not the one Infinity Ward is most concerned with fixing. Instead, the developers have tuned the JAK-12, explicitly addressing two of its attachments: the Drum Mags and FRAG-12 Ammo.

While players, and particularly Warzone fans, may feel that the R9-0 is the hefty close-quarters gun most worthy of adjustments, Infinity Ward have gotten ahead of the curve and looked to fix its recent peer. The two nerfs to the JAK-12 contrastingly impact its mobility when stocked with a drum and its firing rate when stocked with the somewhat-recently buffed shotgun slugs.

Elsewhere, the developers have made some changes to playlists due to bugs and fixed some exploits. Unfortunately, Shipment still remains off of the menu.

JAK-12 loadout
Activision / Infinity Ward
This JAK-12 loadout is an absolute monster in close-quarter firefights

In Season 6, Infinity Ward buffed shotgun slugs so that they would feel more accurate and register hits at further ranges. This, coupled with the surprising efficiency of the JAK-12’s drums, likely prompted the nerfs to both sorts of ammunition attachments. But, with 8-R Dragon’s Breath rounds still available, the gun hasn’t been rendered unusable.

As for the other adjustments made with this patch, they mostly surround smaller bugs and exploits. In Verdansk, a Warzone bunker has been reopened, a Zombie Royale exploit has been fixed, and Durable Gas Masks have been removed (but they were already very rare anyway). In multiplayer, the pumpkin heads are back in action while Snipers Only (TDM) has been removed from the playlist due to a bug, with Gunfight – Snipers Only (3v3) taking its place.

October 28 full patch notes


  • JAK-12:
    • Reduced movement and ADS speed on JAK-12 Drum Mags
    • Reduced rate of fire on JAK-12 FRAG-12 ammo
    • Updating the JAK-12 FRAG-12 ammo description to say ‘slugs’


  • Fix for an issue where the code for Bunker 3 wasn’t functioning as intended
  • Fix for an issue with the Riot Shield that would only occur when players obtained the pumpkin head after getting 3+ kills (pumpkin heads are back on!)
  • Fix for an exploit in Zombie Royale
  • Temporarily removing the Durable Gas Masks from Warzone
  • Removing Snipers Only (TDM) while we fix a bug. We’ll be replacing this mode with Gunfight – Snipers Only (3v3)