CoD pro Octane gives 3 crucial tips for using ARs in Modern Warfare

Activision / Call of Duty League

Professional Call of Duty player Sam ‘Octane’ Larew has revealed three main tips for assault rifle users to consider to up their game in Modern Warfare.

Assault rifles will always be one of the most popular weapon classes to use in any Call of Duty game, be it in the heights of the Call of Duty League down to a regular Team Deathmatch public match.

But if you’re aiming to get the most out of your assault rifle classes – whether you’re looking for high kill games, trying to get a nuke or just simply want to get better – there’s few better to look to than Octane.

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Octane has won multiple championships across the last four or five seasons.

Octane has been one of the best AR players over the past few years, winning multiple championships and often absolutely outshining his opponents in every regard.

Now on Seattle Surge, he has been one of the best ARs once again and, although he has made the switch to using a submachine gun going forward, he still clearly knows a thing or two about dominating with an assault rifle.

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So what are his key tips? Let’s take a look

Spawn knowledge in Modern Warfare

Spawn knowledge is the first thing Octane points out, saying that it’s vital to predict where your enemies are spawning and react accordingly.

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Although, he says, it is a bit difficult in Modern Warfare, especially as there “hasn’t been a competitive update one time,” the ability to cut off lanes and know when to flood objectives is vital if you’re using an assault rifle.

Octane says that spawn knowledge and positioning are paramount in Modern Warfare.

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Positioning in Modern Warfare

As Octane notes, a main AR’s role is basically to get to a ‘headglitch’ or “power spot” and just “kill everything you see.”

Positioning, he says, is so important as a main AR because if your opponent has bad positioning, you’re “always going to have the upper hand on them.” He essentially defines this as “being able to control parts of the map in certain areas.”

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Pacing in Modern Warfare

Octane’s third and final key point is pacing, which he clearly believes might be a somewhat divisive point to make among other assault rifle players. He says that you need to know when to be moving around the map, and although it’s a “slow role,” every decision has to be well-informed and you can’t give up positions too early, nor hold them for too long.

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Octane went on to show exactly what he means with specific examples in a Hackney Yard Hardpoint match, commentating over the match to explain why he is doing certain things. He finished the match with an impressive 51-18 KDR, which isn’t exactly an easy task in the CDL playlist.

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While Octane and other CoD pros typically use the M4A1 assault rifle in Modern Warfare, you might have another preference, but the points remain the same, so this should help you dominate with any AR in the game.