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CoD Pro ‘Kenny’ Confirms That He’s Left Team Kaliber Ahead of the Upcoming Black Ops 4 Season [UPDATED]

Published: 28/Aug/2018 21:46 Updated: 29/Aug/2018 2:45

by Albert Petrosyan


It has since been confirmed that Kenny has joined 100 Thieves’ new Call of Duty roster for the upcoming season. More information is available here.

Call of Duty pro player Kenny ‘Kenny’ Williams has announced that he is longer a member of Team Kaliber.

His departure confirms long standing rumors and speculation that he was planning on leaving the org after the WWII season.


Kenny announced that he had left tK on August 28, via a post on his Twitter page.

To get rid of rumors. I am officially off @TeamKaliber and Would like to thank @KOSDFF and everyone for everything they have done for me. Words that were said before were not true and TK is a great org, Just time for me to look at other options:)

The tweet also puts to bed the apparent bad blood that existed between Kenny and tK owner Justin ‘KOSDFF’ Chandler, after Kenny had expressed his frustration with the org for not paying proper wages and mocking him in a video showing others wearing his clothes.


Kenny joined tK in October of 2017 and immediately became an integral part of the newly formed squad, playing a major role in their outstanding success. 

TK won the first two major events of the CWL season, at Dallas and New Orleans respectively, and also were crowned champions at the Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.

They came just short of winning the ultimate prize however, as they lost to Evil Geniuses in the Grand Finals of the CWL Championships.


MLGKenny played an important role in Team Kaliber’s multiple title winning season, including at the Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.

Having established himself as one of the best players in WWII, Kenny will likely attract major attention from many of the organizations that are involved in competitive Call of Duty. 

With 100 Thieves having confirmed that they are looking to enter the CWL with a bang, there is heavy speculation that owner and CEO Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag will make Kenny his primary target this off-season.

Regardless of where he ends up, Kenny’s departure will greatly impact tK, who will now be looking to try to replace the player that many would agree was their best player all season.



Another Team Kaliber, Maurice ‘Fero’ Henriquez, has since also declared free agency. More information can be found here.

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Iconic Barret 50 cal sniper rifle leaked in Black Ops Cold War

Published: 20/Oct/2020 0:42 Updated: 20/Oct/2020 0:53

by Tanner Pierce


After the Black Ops Cold War Beta was available on PC, data-miners and hackers scoured through the game’s code to find hidden features, and some of them have seemingly stumbled upon a usable/playable version of a classic Call of Duty sniper rifle – the Barret .50 cal.

Unfortunately, with a little bit less than 24 hours to go, the Black Ops Cold War Beta is almost over. While most people spent the weekend knee-deep in the game’s base weapons, maps, modes, etc., many PC data-miners were enjoying everything the pre-release version had to offer that was hidden in the game’s coding.


Throughout the weekend, many players were leaking parts of the game’s code that referred to a number of unreleased features. While most of them were obviously left-over assets from Black Ops 4 or, at the very least, unsubstantiated pieces of data, there seems to be a classic sniper coming to the game.

A Black Ops Cold War Beta mod video from YouTuber Andrew2007 seems to show the Barrett .50 cal, a fan-favorite sniper rifle from several previous Call of Duty title, as a part of the game, although it appears that the gun is named ‘Barret M82’ for BOCW.


As can be seen in the video below, the weapon isn’t done, as there are no firing and reloading sound associated with the weapon. There isn’t even a scope texture, with a white square taking its place. This makes sense, as unreleased weapons generally don’t have all the assets associated with them attached until much closer to release.

Barret M82 from blackopscoldwar

For those confused as to why the rifle is firing at such a high rate, this is due to the mods that the user installed for the game. The actual Barret will certainly not function that way if and when it gets fully released.

Speaking of which, it’s also entirely possible that the video is fake and that the YouTuber simply modded the weapon into the game. Still, it looks pretty convincing, and given the fact that other prominent leak pages like leaker ModerWarzone have corroborated, its existence seems more likely than not.


The inclusion of the Barrett 50 cal is certainly a welcome one. The gun was featured in CoD 4: Modern Warfare, MW2, MW3, and even Black Ops 2’s story campaign. A variant of it was also featured in Modern Warfare (2019) but it was titled the Rytec AMR and featured some differences from the original.

The Barrett 50 cal sniper has been featured in multiple Call of Duty games including every entry of the Modern Warfare series.

What’s most likely to happen with this gun, judging from the fact that it wasn’t even included in the beta or alpha, is that it’s being saved for the post-launch content that Activision and Treyarch are planning on releasing.

Either way, it won’t be long until we find out since Black Ops Cold War is set to release on November 13, 2020.