Assault Was Sick During Evil Geniuses CWL Championships Win

Matt Porter

Evil Geniuses have released the latest episode of their Call of Duty focused documentary series, Up To Speed, and in it revealed that AR player Adam ‘Assault’ Garcia was ill during their victorious weekend at the 2018 CWL Championship.

Garcia, who is EG’s main assault rifle player, confirmed in the episode that he took ill after their historic victory over OpTic Gaming on Day 2 of the tournament. Suffering from a cold and a fever, Assault persevered and was crowned Astro Gaming MVP for the tournament, as his squad secured $600,000 and those all important championship rings with a victory over Team Kaliber in the Grand Final.

As Evil Geniuses headed into bracket play, footage shows Assault complaining about the severity of his cold, stating “I can’t breathe” and, before their match against Team EnVy, that he “feels like shit”.

The episode, produced by Joe Fries, begins at the end of pool play, as Evil Geniuses kept their CWL Championships dream alive with a 3-0 decimation of OpTic Gaming, dumping the Green Wall out of the tournament. The cameras follow the team as they progress through the weekend, eventually culminating in their victory over tK and the celebrations that followed their triumph.

The documentary provides a fascinating insight into the work that goes on behind-the-scenes of a professional Call of Duty team. At numerous points, Evil Geniuses coach Embry ‘Bevil’ Bevils is seen passing information on to the squad, about their own performance, but also important information about opponents playstyles.

We’re also shown what EG have referred to as a “Research and Development” meeting, as the team, along with Bevils, is seen discussing map vetoes ahead of their Winners Bracket Final match against Team Kaliber.

Evil Geniuses success at the CWL Championships looked almost impossible after just the second day of tournament play. Facing almost certain elimination, EG swept reigning CWL Champions OpTic Gaming without losing a map, then worked their way through the Winners Bracket to finally lift the trophy.

Up To Speed provides viewers with a look behind the curtain of one of the greatest stories in Call of Duty history, and is a must watch for fans of Call of Duty esports.