CoD Mobile’s Clan Wars mode explained: Mechanics, Rewards, more

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Call of Duty Mobile’s Clan Wars pit massive teams against one another in weekly events where each player has to pull their weight for their chosen Clan. Here’s how the epic mode works along with the exclusive rewards up for grabs.

Outside of CoD Mobile’s ranked experience, Clan Wars might be the ultimate proving ground. Every two seasons, players are able to join a large group of players and battle through a series of weekly competitions.

Through any given week, you’ll be tasked with daily challenges that aim to keep you on your toes. It’s a diverse playlist with everyone working towards one goal.

How Clan Wars works in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Clan War Map
Battling for control over Nodes is the name of the game in CoD Mobile’s Clan Wars.

Introduced in CoD Mobile’s Season 4 update, Clan Wars are weekly mini-events that have you fighting over Clan War Nodes to prove your dominance. Upon joining forces with a Clan, you’ll then have to register for each specific Clan War event week after week.

In these weekly events, every Clan will be duking it out for control over Nodes. These are limited-time objectives that put Clans to the test.

One specific example is for players to defeat opponents using a custom SMG with five attachments. The more Clan members that complete this objective, the more Node points you’ll earn.

Finishing at the very top of a Node will land you the best rewards possible.

CoD Mobile Clan War Nodes
Each Node has a unique objective that changes on a daily basis.

The objectives for any given Node will be changing on a daily basis. This means you’ll always be adapting and targeting different Nodes depending on your playstyle. There are also bonuses in effect to help you lean into your strengths, whether it’s working as a team or using certain loadouts.

Ultimately, the more you help your Clan throughout a given week, the better your weekly rewards will be. Exclusive items are up for grabs so asserting Clan dominance is key.

Clan Wars rewards in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Ronin reward
This Ronin Hagakure skin is exclusive to CoD Mobile’s Clan Wars mode.

No matter how successful you are in the Clan Wars mode, you’ll always be earning clan currency for your efforts. This new currency can be used in the CoD Mobile store to purchase exclusive items.

Not only that, but there are two other ways to earn rewards based on your performance. First up is by winning and climbing through the Clan Leaderboards. The other avenue is through weekly rewards based on both individual and clan achievements in a given week.

Below is a complete list of every Clan Wars reward in CoD Mobile today.

  • Ronin – Hagakure
  • QXR – Rebirth
  • Backpack – Ronin
  • Chestpiece – Ronin
  • Helmet – Ronin
  • RUS-79U – Brushed Chrome
  • QXR – Brushed Chrome
  • Chopper – Ambush
  • DL Q33 – Ambush
  • ASM10 – Ambush
  • Knife – Ambush
  • SMRS – Ambush
  • Frag Grenade – Ambush
  • Flashbang Grenade – Ambush
  • Rank Border – Elite 1
  • Rank Border – Elite 2
  • Rank Border – Elite 3
  • Rank Border – Pro 1
  • Rank Border – Pro 2
  • Rank Border – Pro 3
  • Rank Border – Legendary

We’ll be sure to keep you updated here with any new Clan Wars rewards as the seasons roll by in CoD Mobile.

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