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CoD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs patch notes – Modern Warfare map, new Battle Pass, more

Published: 28/Apr/2022 0:33 Updated: 28/Apr/2022 0:34

by Brad Norton


CoD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs is now upon us with the usual mix of classic maps, weapons, and plenty more all arriving in the latest major update. From a breakdown of all the new content to a full look at the Season 4 patch notes, here’s all there is to know.

There’s absolutely no slowing down in 2022 for CoD Mobile. Following a monthly pattern, brand new seasons have arrived one after the other, giving players new reasons to jump back in.

Most recently we saw Snoop Dogg take center stage in the Season 3: Radical Raid update, but the focus quickly shifted to what came next.


CoD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs is now in focus with yet another huge content drop shaking things up. Below is a full breakdown of everything you need to know about the latest season in CoD Mobile.


CoD Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs cover art
CoD Mobile Season 4 is officially titled: Wild Dogs.

CoD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs Release Date

CoD Mobile Season 4 went live on Wednesday, April 27 at 5PM PT. This marked exactly four weeks since the previous season kicked off.

As soon as 5PM PT rolled around, players around the globe were able to download the latest patch and access all the new CoD Mobile content right away.

CoD Mobile Season 4: Trailer

The first official trailer for CoD Mobile Season 4 premiered on April 17. This brief clip glossed over a war table of sorts, revealing multiple pictures of a familiar location, more on that in the next section below.


“A storm in the horizon and it holds within it a new season of CoD Mobile,” the YouTube description read.

Get ready for more at the end of April!”

CoD Mobile Season 4: New Maps

After appearing in an earlier CoD Mobile test build, Satellite finally made its debut in CoD Mobile Season 4. This Black Ops Cold War map had not only been teased on social media but could also be seen clear as day in the first trailer.

Players are now being dropped into the Namib desert in Angola to fight across this Cold War locale as teams battle through a crash site of, you guessed it, a fallen satellite.


While Season 3 came with just one map in total, Season 4 introduced multiple new additions, as Khandar Hideout from Modern Warfare (2019) was also teased before official confirmation came through.

Khandar Hideout launched during Modern Warfare’s second season and featured a medium-sized layout.

CoD Mobile Season 4: Ground War

Also arriving in CoD Mobile Season 4 was a brand new Ground War mode. For experienced CoD players, you’ll know exactly what to expect here. But for newcomers, Ground War is CoD’s big team battle playlist, with 24 players all fighting across the same map.

12v12 battles have begun on Satellite and Aniyah Incursion in Season 4. These maps are now littered with vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs, and even Tanks to help you cross large distances.


There are six capture points in total and the first squad to reach 300 points will be crowned the winner.

CoD Mobile Season 4: New Weapons

No different from usual, brand new weapons were also locked in for CoD Mobile’s Season 4 update.

The Koshka Sniper from Black Ops 4 was first teased on April 11 with an image of the rifle buried under sand.

CoD Mobile Koshka sniper
The Koshka bolt-action Sniper arrived in CoD Mobile Season 4.

As a bolt-action, you’ll have some devastating firepower at the ready, but you’ll need to time each shot perfectly.

This weapon can be unlocked at Tier 21 of the Season 4 Battle Pass.

CoD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs Battle Pass

As expected, CoD Mobile Season 4 features an entirely new Battle Pass filled with the usual assortment of cosmetics, functional items, and CoD Points.


With both free and premium tiers to unlock, there’s plenty up for grabs here regardless of whether you’re looking to invest in the game or not.

CoD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass
An early look at the Season 4 Battle Pass in CoD Mobile.

Below is a quick rundown of some highlights announced for the Season 4 Battle Pass:

  • Free items
    • Tier 14 – Contact Grenade
    • Tier 21 – Koshka Sniper
  • Premium items
    • Desert Sentinel: Farah
    • Apparition: Ghost
    • Sand Dune: Roze
    • Heat Shield: AS VAL Blueprint
    • Arid Shroud: Swordfish Blueprint
    • Sandpike: QXR Blueprint
    • Skiff Shot: Koshka Blueprint

CoD Mobile Season 4: Early Patch Notes

Following on from some early leaks that shed light on Battle Royale-specific changes, the full CoD Mobile Season 4 patch notes were soon locked in. Below is a complete look at the full rundown:

Season 4 Battle Royale Balance Changes

  • Increased swap speed for all weapons and throwables
  • AK117, AK47, M4, BK57, LK24, KN44, HBRA3, UL736, RPD, Chopper, Holger 26, Hades, AGR
    • Removed every damage range drop-off past 25 meters
  • HVK-30 and DR-H
    • Removed every damage range drop-off past 20 meters
  • Man O War
    • Minimum damage increased 24 > 28
  • FR.556
    • Minimum damage increased 19 > 22
  • Peacekeeper MK2
    • Removed damage range drop off beyond 25m, damage at the final range increased by 22
  • ASM10
    • Removed damage range drop off beyond 25m, first damage range increased up to 20m
  • GKS
    • Removed damage range drop off beyond 25m, damage at the first range increased 28 > 30
  • CR-56 AMAX
    • Removed the third damage range drop off, second damage range increased up to 35m
  • M16
    • Damage increased up to 34, removed every damage drop off at range
  • Chicom
    • Damage at the first range increased from 28 > 30
  •  Hip fire boost weapons mod
    • Hip fire accuracy buff calculation provided by the weapon mod will be changed to:
      • Hip fire accuracy buffed by the weapon mod will be multiplied based on the original attachment slots of the weapon
    • Drastically reduced the duration of the wild hip fire buff of the Legendary hip fire boost mod
  • Hip fire accuracy of all SMGs
    • Decreased hip fire accuracy while continuously firing. Hip fire accuracy will be continuously reduced while firing continuously until the AR level of hip fire accuracy
  • M13
    • First damage range reduced from 25m to 15m
  • Fennec
    • Damage range reduced from 6m-10m-15m-22 to 4m-6m-10m-22m
  • MX9
    • Damage range reduced from 11m-15m-20 to 4m-15m-20m
  • MAC-10
    • Damage range reduced from 6m-14m-20m to 4m-6m-10m
  • Trap Master
    • Increased effectiveness of the slowing effect and HP of the traps
    • Traps will no longer deal slowing effect and damage to its user
  • Medic
    • Increased player/armor HP regenerative speed by 50%
    • Increased class recharge speed from 60 seconds to 45 seconds
    • Medic class will gain two charges after upgrade
  • Rewind
    • Drastically increased class recharge speed from 50s/50s to 36s/25s
    • Player teleportation to a location increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds prior
    • Rewind class will have two charges available by default


New maps

  • Satellite
    • The Black Ops Cold War map is coming to mobile.
  • Khandar Hideout
    • The Modern Warfare map is joining CoD: Mobile too.

New mode: Ground War

  • This will be a 12-vs-12 mode with several control points that teams have to capture and hold.
  • Players will also be to drive vehicles in this mode.

Battle royale


  • Sandstorms have been added to the BR mode in CoD: Mobile’s season four. Wherever a sandstorm approaches, desert crates and special treasures will spawn in it.
  • Players have to be wary when entering the sandstorm, though, as a tornado may carry them away.

Undead Siege

  • Reward adjustment
    • The probability of some production in the undead siege mode has been increased.

New weapons

  • Koshka
    • The Koshka is a slow-firing bolt-action sniper rifle with a large lethal area and extremely high accuracy. It will be unlockable at tier 21 of the Battle Pass.
  • Kali Sticks
    • This melee weapon is held in both hands and can be continuously swung at a faster speed with a wider attack range.

New equipment: Contact Grenade

  • As the name suggests, this grenade explodes instantly on being in contact with any surface. It has a small blast radius.

Weapon Mastery adjustment

  • An adjustment has been made to Weapon Mastery in CoD: Mobile. Now, a weapon’s mastery will be capped at 5,000 points until the player advances to the Legendary ranking. They will begin to increase after a player achieves this ranking.

Multiplayer and battle royale

Perk: Disable adjustment

The Disable has been significantly nerfed. Activision has reduced the effective part of Disable on the rifle and kept the effect of the perk on the machine gun. On the sniper rifles and marksman rifles, the effective parts of Disable to the whole body have been increased. The impact of the perk on players‘ own speed has been reduced.

  • Effective Part Adjustment
    • Assault rifle: Whole body to lower body
    • Sniper and Marksman Rifle: Lower body to whole body
  • Effect Adjustment
    • Movement Speed Debuff: Reduced
    • ADS Movement Speed Debuff: Reduced


  • Kilo 141
    • Damage multiplier to the head: Reduced
    • Shooting range: Reduced
  • PDW-57
    • Shooting range: Adjusted
    • ADS spread: Reduced
    • Damage multiplier to the leg and hip: Increased
  • LMG
    • Scope speed: Increased for S36, UL736, RPD, M4LMG, Chopper, Holger26, Hades and PKM
  • RPD
    • Medium and long distance damage: Increased
  • Chicom Enhanced
    • Default magazine capacity: Increased
    • 39-Round magazine capacity: Increased
    • 45-Round magazine capacity: Increased
    • Mid-Range damage: Increased
    • Damage multiplier to the head: Increased
    • Damage multiplier to the upper arm: Increased
  • M21 EBR
    • The damage multiplier to the upper chest and arms has been increased to ensure that the upper body can be killed with one shot at close range.
    • The mid-range and lower body damage have been reduced. The requirements for control ability in the Battle Royale are improved.
    • Shooting range: Adjusted
    • Base damage: Adjusted
    • Damage multiplier to the upper chest and arm: Increased
  • Shorty
    • The Shorty’s projectile dispersion in the medium and short-range have been optimized to make it more stable when aiming accurately.
  • Thumper
    • Weapon switching speed: Reduced
    • Reload speed: Reduced
    • Sprint-to-fire speed: Reduced