CoD Mobile Season 3: Radical Raid patch notes – Cold War map, new Battle Pass, more

CoD Mobile Season 3 Radical Raid artworkActivision

Momentum hasn’t slowed down in 2022 as CoD Mobile Season 3 just landed to keep the handheld title fresh with new maps, weapons, modes, and of course, plenty of cosmetics. Here’s everything there is to know about the Radical Raid update.

CoD Mobile has been on a roll to start the new year with two massive seasonal updates full of unique content. From Season 1 which gave us multiple weapons and even the first content creator skins, to Season 2 with one of the more stacked Battle Passes yet, there’s been plenty to keep fans coming back.

Now, Season 3, known as Radical Raid, looks to keep the hype train on its tracks with another hefty content drop. As always, the usual assortment of maps and weapons are in focus, but we also have a few new additions that could help shake things up.

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Here’s a full breakdown of everything there is to know about CoD Mobile Season 3: Radical Raid.


CoD Mobile Renetti artworkActivision
CoD Mobile has already reached its third major seasonal update of the year.

CoD Mobile Season 3: Radical Raid Release Date

CoD Mobile Season 3 launched on Wednesday, March 30, at 5PM PT. This came in just as the Season 2 Battle Pass expired, allowing for a smooth transition into the new Radical Raid update.

This release date also gave players some extra time to download and install the full update before Snoop Dogg arrives on April 1. More on that below.

CoD Mobile Season 3 2022: Radical Raid Trailer

Following some early leaks, the official CoD Mobile Season 3 trailer was made public on Thursday, March 24.

Not only did this trailer confirm the 80s theme, but it also locked in Black Ops Cold War’s Miami map for the latest patch.

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From the characters on display to the weapon skins in hand, the Radical Raid trailer revealed an assortment of new content for the update.

CoD Mobile Season 3 2022: Miami arrives in Radical Raid update

Ahead of any official announcement regarding Season 3, CoD Mobile fans got an early glimpse of upcoming content through the latest Test Server build.

While at first, Black Ops Cold War’s Satellite map was featured in the build, leading many to assume it was on the way in Season 3, that wasn’t the case. Instead, we have a different Cold War map to dive into now.

Miami is now in focus for Season 3. With palm trees scattered throughout and vibrant colors flashing in a brief teaser trailer, the Cold War design landed as part of the Radical Raid update.

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After some early speculation, devs soon confirmed it was the smaller Miami Strike variant arriving in CoD Mobile. This close-quarters layout is perfect for fast-paced modes, so expect plenty of quick respawns as you jump into the ported map.

CoD Mobile Radical Raid update brings MAC-10 SMG

Each new season in CoD Mobile typically brings at least one new weapon to the table and the upcoming Season 3 patch is no different.

While multiple weapons and pieces of equipment were spotted in the early test build, just one functional weapon arrived in the Radical Raid update.

None other than the MAC-10 SMG from Black Ops Cold War is now available. This gun has appeared in many CoD titles over the years and its Cold War iteration was among the fastest-firing SMGs in the game.

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Black Ops Cold War Mac 10Activision
Cold War’s MAC-10 SMG could have an immediate impact in CoD Mobile.

The MAC-10 SMG is unlocked directly through the Season 3 Battle Pass. Players can grab the new gun for free by progressing to Tier 21.

CoD Mobile Season 3 2022: Snoop Dogg Operator

Snoop Dogg is next up to join CoD Mobile. With the Season 3 update comes a new Operator skin allowing players to compete as the famous musician.

Snoop Dogg bundle in CoD MobileActivision
Snoop Dogg arrives in CoD Mobile’s Season 3 update.

Available from April 1, Snoop Dogg comes with his own unique SMG Blueprint, fit with a flashy finishing animation to boot.

While there’s already been a fair amount of controversy surrounding the skin, you can read up on all the details here.

CoD Mobile Season 3 2022: Radical Raid Battle Pass

As expected from a new season in CoD Mobile, the Radical Raid update came with an original Battle Pass.

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Given the theme this time around, almost everything up for grabs in the Battle Pass fits with the 80s style. From new character skins to a range of weapons, there’s plenty on offer.

CoD Mobile Season 3 Battle PassActivision
The CoD Mobile Radical Raid Battle Pass comes with a range of free and premium unlocks.

Battle Pass Rewards

  • 4 Epic Characters
    • American Bulldog Chrome Dome
    • Gunzo Clownpin
    • Killgore
    • Park – Glam
  • 5 Epic Weapons
    • HBRA3 – Jaguar 3000
    • Kilo 141 – Hair Metal
    • Mac-10 – Banana Blaster
    • DL Q33 – Space Captain
    • R9-0 – Far Frontier
  • New Functional Weapon: Mac – 10
  • New Operator Skill: Reactor Core
  • Epic Backpack: 6 String Axe
  • Epic Emote: Rock N’ Roll Lifestyle
  • Epic Charm: Banana
  • Legendary Calling Card: Retro Mech
  • Epic Frame: Glam Frame
  • Epic Avatar: 141 Clown. St

CoD Mobile Season 3 2022: Reactor Core Operator Skill

A unique feature from Black Ops 4 also arrived in CoD Mobile Season 3 in the form of a new Operator Skill.

Reactor Core gives players the ability to ‘radiate’ deadly emissions in a small zone.

CoD Mobile Reactor Core Operator SkillActivision
The Reactor Core Operator Skill appeared in a recent CoD Mobile test build before arriving in Season 3.

Enemies caught in this radiation zone have their maximum health reduced and are unable to regenerate for a brief moment. Meanwhile, the player using this skill gains a defensive buff to reduce incoming damage.

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The Reactor Core Operator Skill is featured in the Radical Raid Battle Pass and can be unlocked for free at Tier 14.

CoD Mobile Season 3 2022: Radical Raid Patch Notes

Below is a full overview of every weapon and equipment change that rolled out in CoD Mobile Season 3:


  • Added a damage multiplier for the chest and upper arms.
  • Improved range.
    • Large Calibre: Adjusted damage & adjusted range.


  • Base damage improved: 26-24-20-19 > 30-28-24
  • Range improved.
  • Headshot multiplier increased.


  • Headshot, upper arm, and hand damage multiplier increased.
  • ADS Time reduced.
  • Accuracy improved.

Peacekeeper MK2

  • First damage range increased.
  • Chest and upper arm damage multiplier increased.


  • Vertical recoil reduced.
  • Leg damage multiplier increased.


  • Damage to hands and abdomen reduced.


  • Reduced the slowing down effect of the FRAG 12 rounds when paired with Disabled perk.

Kilo 141

  • 40-R mag penalties
    • -1% movement speed > -2% movement speed.
    • +5% reload time > + 12% reload time.
  • 50-R mag penalties
    • -2% movement speed > -5% movement speed.
    • +5% reload time > +18% reload time.


  • Range decreased.
  • Hit registration delay increased.

Chopper Gunner

  • Range and damage increased.

Orbital Laser

  • Duration decreased.
  • Maximum movement range decreased.

K9 Unit

  • Health and speed decreased.