CoD Mobile to give back to creators with new club program: Beta, Levels, how to join

CoD Mobile Creator Club programActivision

CoD Mobile has unveiled a new Creator Club program designed to elevate content creators of all sizes with exclusive access to early previews, CoD Point giveaways, and even direct access to members the dev team. Here’s how you can sign up and get involved.

Hot off the heels of three popular CoD Mobile personalities getting their own skins in the handheld title, a first for the franchise, another huge step in supporting content creators has just been announced.

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The CoD Mobile Creator Club is a new way for community members across all platforms to have their efforts rewarded. Regardless of size, there are new opportunities available for streamers and VOD stars alike.

From when the program goes live to how to apply, here’s what you need to know.

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CoD Mobile devs continue to add player-demanded features to their handheld title.

What is the CoD Mobile Creator Club?

CoD Mobile’s new Creator Club program is a system to help elevate popular figures in the community. From YouTubers with a few thousand subscribers to massive streamers with huge followings, the program caters to a wide range of personalities.

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Its core purpose is to assist in the growth of both established and rising CoD Mobile stars. Those selected to join will have unprecedented access to the dev team, join exclusive seasonal update previews, and even be invited to unique workshops to help grow social platforms.

Through the program, CoD Mobile’s devs aim to “cultivate an aspirational influencer community”. Not only will creators strive to access the club, but those accepted should strive to advance through a number of Creator Club levels.

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CoD Mobile iFerg bundleActivision
CoD Mobile continues to support the community in new ways following the first-ever creator skins.

CoD Mobile Creator Club Levels explained

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, the CoD Mobile Creator Club drops accepted community members into three distinct Levels.

These tiers aim to incentivize creators to climb the ranks. Each level comes with its own opportunities and rewards depending on a number of factors. Below is a breakdown of who fits into each of the three Levels at launch of the Creator Club program.

  • Level 1: Elite
    • A relatively new or growing channel that actively interacts with its community.
  • Level 2: Master
    • An established channel with increasing growth potential and an active community.
  • Level 3: Legendary
    • A well-established community that is continuing to grow with a vibrant and engaged community.

Everything from audience size to community engagement is evaluated before an appropriate Level is determined. Naturally, those with a heavy emphasis on CoD Mobile content are prioritized over more variety-based creators with less frequent CoD Mobile output.

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Creators of all sizes can apply to enter the new program at the end of January.

How to join the CoD Mobile Creator Club Beta

CoD Mobile’s Creator Club program is set to open applications on Monday, January 31. It’s worth noting, however, the launch is restricted to creators over the age of 18 in the United States and Mexico to begin with.

“If you are not in one of those regions or don’t get accepted right away, have no fear,” devs said on Reddit. “Our plan is to open the program up globally and to more creators once the Beta ends.”

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The full global rollout is expected to cover every region by the end of 2022.

Those that are accepted into the program early on will hear directly from the CoD Mobile team in February. 

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