CoD Mobile devs respond to calls to add Prestige and raise level caps

Connor Bennett
CoD Mobile character standing at the Scrapyard map

The Call of Duty Mobile devs have responded to calls for them to add Prestige mode, as well as change the current level cap.

With each new Call of Duty game that is released, some fans yearn for features from previous games. It’s gone as far as some asking for a CoD release where every fan-favorite weapon, mode, map, killstreak, and more is added.

Call of Duty Mobile fills that gap a little bit as it has some of the most iconic weapons, maps, and modes under one umbrella – while also adding some unique content that you won’t find in other games.

However, CoD Mobile doesn’t have everything. Players have called for the devs to add different maps, perks, and even camos, and the devs regularly shed some light on their future plans.

CoD Mobile characters pointing guns at enemies
CoD Mobile takes some of the best things from classic CoD titles and puts them into one.

Most recently, players have been calling for the addition of Prestige in Multiplayer, as well as a change to the current level cap to help give the grinders something else to work towards.

During their February 12th Community Update, the devs shed a little light on their plans for these, confirming that they’ve heard the repeated calls from fans and are “very much aware” of the requests.

“Our teams are considering various options for adding additional progression to the game. In the past, we considered Gunsmith’s addition as a way to add progression even though it wasn’t tied to the main profile level system, but we don’t have any information on additional systems or options being added in the near future,” they said. We’ll be sure to bring that up as soon as there is news.”

 Screenshiot of a reddit post on the CoD Mobile subreddit
The devs confirmed they’re aware of the requests in their community update.

Seeing as the devs are aware of the calls, and are considering changes, we could see Prestige added at some point, as well as a change to the level cap.

It’s all about balance, though, and the devs will need time to make sure potential changes are right for the game.

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