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Call of Duty

CoD 2020 leaker reveals potential maps, perks, guns and killstreaks

Published: 5/Jun/2020 12:37

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty leaker TheGamingRevolution has revealed some more details about CoD 2020, including a few of the early weapons, killstreaks, and perks that have been leaked.

Even though plenty of CoD fans are still hyped up on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, others are looking to future – hoping that CoD 2020 might bring them a bit more luck, joy, and entertainment than this year’s game.

There has been speculation about a return to the popular Black Ops series, with early gameplay leaks even coming to the surface in recent days. Yet, TheGamingRevolution appears to have gotten his hands on even more details.


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Call of Duty's 2020 release ⁠— rumored to be set during Vietnam war ⁠— is on schedule despite rumors to the contrary.
Call of Duty’s 2020 release ⁠is rumored to be set during the Vietnam war.

In his June 5 YouTube video, the reliable Call of Duty leaker noted that a few of the game’s weapons are already known – including two assault rifles and two pistols.

These, according to the leaker, are the Daewoo K2, M16, an AK-looking rifle, the 1911 pistol, and a Colt revolver. However, he noted that these aren’t final and could change depending on whether or not Activision secures the rights to give them their proper names.


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Aside from the weapons, he also added that the killstreaks that are currently in-game are actually scorestreaks, but this could very well change. The YouTuber said that the RC-XD, Chopper Gunner, Napalm Strike, Artillery strike, and a flamethrower-based streak are all apparently killstreaks in-game.


He also added that the UAV, Counter-UAV, and Dogs should make a return – as well as a streak that allows players to call in a plane that takes out enemy streaks that might be causing them problems.

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In terms of maps and perks, TheGamingRev noted that the map seen in the leaked gameplay is apparently known as ‘Tank’ and aside from the rumors about fan-favorite maps returning, most of his information centers around Ground War. For perks, there is, apparently no Dead Silence – though that could change. With the Toughness perk from Black Ops II also supposedly returning.


Obviously, as none of this is verifiable until the game comes out, it is worth taking with a pinch of salt even though the YouTuber has proven to be reliable thanks to his CoD: Modern Warfare leaks.