CoDBurner reckons he knows Gunless’ next move

. 4 years ago

The CoDBurner believes Peirce ‘Gunless’ Hillman will leave Rise Nation before the start of the new Call of Duty season, and thinks there are two likely places for him to end up. 

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CoDBurner made his claims on his /r/CoDBurnerIntel subreddit, where he regularly posts insider information regarding roster moves.

The burner stated: “From what I hear, LG sticks and adds Gunless, unless ‘rich guy’ buys,” indicating that he thinks the current Luminosity lineup of Formal, Slacked, John and JKap will remain with the organization, and simply add Gunless as their final member.

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However, the mysterious ‘rich guy’ could throw a wrench in Luminosity’s plans. The CoDBurner has been reporting for months that a wealthy business owner is desperate to enter Call of Duty esports, and is reportedly offering massive amounts of money to players in an attempt to secure their signature.

CoDBurner believes that the wealthy businessman could make a play for Gunless, and if he did, it may be enough to turn the head of the CWL Seattle MVP.

The Rise Nation player would be a major acquisition if the rich guy could pull it off, and he could possibly use the hype surrounding Gunless as a platform to build a team.

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With Call of Duty changing to 5v5, there are plenty of roster moves taking place as organizations attempt to lock down their squads. CoDBurner believes that eUnited will add either Decemate or Classic to their ranks, while he thinks that the current FaZe Clan roster will “stick” with that they’ve got.

Of course, as with all information from the CoDBurner, it’s important to note that all these claims are unsubstantiated and none of the information he posts is guaranteed to be accurate.

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