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OpTic vs Reciprocity CMG ProDown match descends into controversy

Published: 17/Dec/2018 15:02 Updated: 17/Dec/2018 15:46

by Connor Bennett


The winners finals series between OpTic Gaming and Team Reciprocity in the third CMG ProDown event took a turn for the worse on December 16, leading to some controversy between the two teams.

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After a lengthy tournament, the two sides squared off for the chance to claim a spot in the ProDown Grand Finals, with the loser falling to the losers bracket. OpTic took an early lead with Seaside Hardpoint but complaints about the connection between the two teams quickly started to be heard.

However, controversy truly struck during round eight of a game five Search and Destroy on Hacienda. With little time left in the round, OpTic’s Thomas ‘TJHaly’ Haly and Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow suffered a connection lag spike which threw them from the A Bomb Site to the middle of the map.


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Reciprocity ended up winning the round before players on both teams attempted to come up with a solution to the situation. These suggestions included replaying the map with a different scoreline or replaying the full series. CMG tournament admins were also roped in to come up with a decision.

With multiple players on each side annoyed with what had just taken place, the series was cancelled pending a full replay on December 17. The situation led to some spicy tweets between Crimsix and members of Team Reciprocity. The OpTic Gaming star tweeted back and forth with multiple Call of Duty professionals as he tried to defend his team’s decision to want to replay the series.


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It’s not the first dispute that Crismix and a European team have had over an online tournament. Just prior to CWL Las Vegas, OpTic and Red Reserve faced off in the second ProDown event. After Red made a comeback in Search and Destroy, hints towards potential stream sniping were made by members of Crimsix’s Twitch chat.

The European line-up eventually found the funny side of the allegations, tweeting out a photo of themselves watching Crimsix’s stream on multiple devices after the game.

The two teams will replay the series on December 17 at around 5-6pm EST (10/11pm GMT).