Clayster calls out CDL pros exploiting aim assist bug during official match

Clayster calls out CDL pros exploiting aim assist bug during official matchActivision / CDL

The opening weekend of the 2022 Call of Duty League season is here and New York Subliners player James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks is calling out pros from Atlanta FaZe and Paris Legion for abusing a bug that grants aim assist through walls.

Vanguard has many issues that have lingered around the start of the CDL season. Some even thought that the Kickoff Classic was just a tool to test out the game before the official season started.

Nonetheless, when the season started on February 4, players were forced to play despite the game’s current state. While some things are deemed overpowered, CDL pros tend to set a Gentlemen’s Agreement (GA) to not use these things.

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However, not everything gets added to that list and heated debates happen. On Day 2 of the season, Clayster called out two players in the Atlanta FaZe and Paris Legion match exploiting an aim assist glitch.

CDL pros use aim assist glitch in official match

The clip, embedded above, took over the CoD community after Clayster tweeted out some interesting information fans may not have known. He claimed that McArthur ‘Cellium’ Jovel and Jacob ‘Decemate’ Cato were both spamming their ADS button because there’s a bug that lets them pick up aim assist on an enemy through the wall.

You can see Cellium aims in and out a few times before comboing his grenade with his teammates to get first blood in the round — something Clayster highlighted as abusing the exploit.

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Decemate did something similar, although wasn’t able to convert his actions into any kills. However, it still raised the question why the mechanic hasn’t been patched out.

Former World Champion Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price chimed in on Twitter, not realizing this was still in the game as it was an issue at launch.

Other people gave their two cents as one of the Subliners coach JPKrez said: “Love seeing this at the Pro level. Definitely not busted.

Pros have already debated if smokes should be allowed in the game and it wouldn’t be a surprise if ADS spamming is added into the GA pool in the near future.

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