CDL pro Gunless slams Kickoff Classic event: “It legit means nothing”

Gunless CDLCall of Duty League

The Call of Duty League Vanguard season began with the preseason Kickoff Classic event. However, LA Guerrillas pro Gunless has been very outspoken and claims this event is meaningless. 

To hype up the 2022 CDL season, all 12 teams were invited to attend the Kickoff Classic. This was a 12 team, single-elimination bracket with $30,000 for the winner.

Despite this being the first time competitive Vanguard is played since its release, spectators still voiced their opinions on some team’s performances.

This didn’t stop pro Peirce ‘Gunless’ Hillman from holding back after receiving criticism from fans for his team’s poor showing.

Gunless calls CDL Kickoff Classic meaningless 

In a January 22 tweet, the long-time pro let out some steam following the Guerillas series loss on the first day. Gunless was very vocal to the community that this tournament was mainly to fix issues with Vanguard.

“This event legit means nothing and is being used to find all the bugs and problems that plague our game.” This could be the case considering Control has some known issues and there are plenty of glitches in the FPS.

However, Adam Apicella, who is in charge of the production side of things did not appreciate this tweet and clapped back at the CDL pro.

Adam wanted to know why he felt this way considering that a lot of people are working hard to put on a good show for players and fans. However, Gunless cleared the air claiming his comments were only provoked due to fans “shitting down our [Guerrillas] throats.”

The veteran wanted to make it clear to everyone, hate and criticism from this event is unwarranted, as no match from this tournament will count toward standings once the season starts.

Gunless did clarify that in every interview he said he just wanted to go out and “have a good time with it.” He said he still put in over 12 hours a day preparing but doesn’t feel that teams should be attacked for their placing.