Chipotle Warzone Challenge July champions reveal their winning strategy

Albert Petrosyan

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Following their victory in the Chipotle Challenger Series‘ $50,000 Warzone tournament on July 16, up-and-coming Twitch streamer Unrational explained how he and his teammate, Stu, were able to have success against such a star-studded cast of competitors.

It’s never easy to compete against the world’s best Warzone players, and even more so when the opposition includes some of the biggest content creators, athletes, and celebrities around.

That was the pressure faced by Unrational and Stu, a duo that wasn’t invited and had to earn their spot via a separate qualifier tourney. However, despite coming up against such strong competition, they were able to find success in Verdansk and escape with the first-place prize.

“It was definitely something a little different,” Unrational said of having to play Duos. “We practiced a little bit beforehand. We landed our first two games at Superstore and wiped, dying off the rip right away. So, we decided to go to the bank a little past Superstore, loot up, get our loadout, and then we would both just split up on our own and do our own thing every game.”

With the scoring format awarding one point per kill and five for each match win, the champions put up games of 60, 58, 56, and 54, for an overall score of 228 points. While their performance was very impressive, the victory was far from easy, as they were barely able to beat the second-place team of Honokai and Pacesetter by just eight points.

In fact, as fate would have it, Unrational and Stu ran into the runner-ups in their final game before the timer ran out, and that ended up proving to be a crucial moment in determining who finished on top.

“That was absolutely absurd,” Unrational recounted. “We ran into Superstore and Stu died, and I said let’s go over to gas [station] … and some kid busted the door down and Stu just pooped on him. And then he was just like ‘wait, that was Pacesetter,’ and I said ‘they’re on their last game.’ It was insane.”

So they were that close to potentially dying at the hands of the second-place duo, who could have used that as an opportunity to springboard into first place. Those are the kinds of margins that separate one team taking home $25,000 from another ending empty-handed.

You can check out the full interview with casters Chris Puckett and Clint ‘Maven’ Evans below, starting at the 3:43:44 mark of the tournament VoD.

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