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Changes to Gold & DM Ultra camos coming in next Black Ops Cold War patch

Published: 6/Dec/2020 2:14 Updated: 7/Dec/2020 15:29

by Alan Bernal


An unintentional change to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Gold and Dark Matter Ultra camos that made them incorrectly display around weapons will be reverted in the next major patch, Treyarch said.

After the November 20 update, the BOCW community noticed that certain Mastery skins were covering less real estate on guns than they did before. There was confusion as the timing of the change made some believe it was intentional.

But Treyarch Community Manager Josh ‘FoxhoundFPS’ Torres was quick to correct the assumptions, and was similarly surprised to see the changes that were a direct result from the patch.


“This was an unintentional change and we are looking to release a fix for this in our next major update,” FoxhoundFPS noted, seeing as the community was up in arms after the November patch to the game.

Treyarch Trello
Treyarch has the camo fix lined up for the next big Black Ops Cold War patch.

A thread by user ‘GTA_R0CKS’ showed the discrepancy between the pre-patch version of the M16 alongside the post-patch version. It showed a clear reduction in what the Gold camo offers for the prestigious variant.

In that same post, the XM4 had a much more noticeable change in that the stock was showing its default skin at the tail-end of the gun. A variation to the regular skin that was much more noticeable in application.


At the time, people were shocked to see Treyarch were covering even less of the weapons in the sought-after cosmetics, after community feedback distinctly asked for more coverage in skins such as Dark Aether and the like.

cold war black ops xm4
GTA_R0CKS via Reddit
BOCW players were confused after the Nov 20 update inadvertently messed with Gold camos and the like.

When is the Camo change coming to Cold War?

Luckily, Cold War players won’t have to contend with the camo issue much longer. The next update is due to come out on December 16, which should contain the change if everything goes well.

Other than fixing things to how they were before the November 20 update, it’s unclear if Treyarch wants to extend the camos’ coverage on weapons like some players want.


However, as it pertains to the inadvertent weapon glitch, Treyarch have heard the call of the problem and will rectify the problem in the next patch