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Censor reveals his Black Ops 4 dream team

Published: 21/Oct/2018 23:29 Updated: 21/Oct/2018 23:35

by Vincent Genova


Retired Call of Duty pro Censor answered a question from a fan about building his competitive dream team in Black Ops 4.

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The former compLexity member brought up some big names, saying that Slasher, Scump, Crimsix and Apathy would be his dream squad for the 5v5 of Black Ops 4.

“That would be my most fun and dominant team,” explained Censor.

He continued, “I know if I teamed up with OpTic Crimisix, the OpTic Crimsix the most successful Call of Duty player of all time, you bring back Slasher and [Apathy]. Then you get [Scump], that would be a fun team, some good content and a lot of dubs.”


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Half of Censor’s dream team already happened in Advanced Warfare when Censor, Apathy, Slasher and ACHES won MLG Columbus for FaZe.

Scump and Crimsix have not teamed with Censor before, though it is not hard to see why the successful OpTic stars would be on Censor’s shortlist.

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Despite committing to compete in Black Ops 4, a late moving roster window left Censor without a team.

He was originally signed on with Evil Geniuses but was dropped for Felo after a flurry of late signings made the former eU player available.

Frustrated at the prospect of having to build his own roster out of Rostermania scraps, Censor instead chose to retire for the Black Ops 4 season.


He mentions his dream team in the video below, at the 6:32 mark.