Former eU Cadet TurnUp2ez clutches insane 1v4 vs 100 Thieves roster

Calum Patterson

100 Thieves found themselves in with a 4 man advantage in the final round of an SnD match, but fell to a ridiculous 1v4 from former eUnited cadet Joe ‘TurnUp2ez’ Sicre.

It is possibly the best SnD clutch we have seen so far in the early stages of Black Ops 4 involving a professional team, following 100 Thieves’ own SlasheR’s 1v4 vs the rumored G2 roster.

During a $2,500 5v5 tournament, 100 Thieves came up against a team of top SnD players in round 5 and had already lost the first map in the best of three, before taking the next to a round 11.

TurnUp2eZ, now a free agent heading into the Black Ops 4 season, previously signed to the eUnited Cadets roster in November 2017, alongside other upcoming players Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr, Inder ‘iLLeY’ Dhaliwal and ‘Cellium’.

Now 18, TurnUp2ez is eligible to play on a professional roster, and so has split off from the Cadet’s in hopes of being recruited by a full time 5v5 roster for the upcoming season.

And he will certainly have turned a few heads with this incredible 1v4 clutch. Stuck in top control on Summit with only a Sniper and Pistol, he takes out three, one with a slick quickscope, before finding the final kill to take the map 6-5.

Watching the play from 100 Thieves’ perspective, via Sam ‘Octane’ Larew’s stream, you can see how quickly TurnUp2ez took out the team in top control, before they could even realize what had happened.

The sniper shot on to Maurice ‘Fero’ Henriquez left Octane in the 1v1, pistol vs pistol, which TurnUp2ez played well, coming up behind him on the bomb and giving the former OpTic and Luminosity player no chance.

TurnUp2ez has not been announced as part of an official roster yet, but with over a month until the first event of the season, there is plenty of time for a squad to see his potential and pick him up. 

Other members of the eU Cadets are also expected to have offers waiting when they turn 18, with ‘Simp’ next up, turning 18 in February 2019.

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