Censor reportedly dropped from NYSL Challengers team after New York event

Brad Norton
Call of Duty Modern Warfare gameplay / Censor New York Subliners player photo

[jwplayer z3p0CsO9]Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has reportedly been dropped from the New York Subliners’ brand-new Academy partnership team Triumph Gaming after just a single event with the Challengers roster.

Censor had long been clamoring for Call of Duty League officials to change the substitute rules. Official CDL subs are not allowed to compete in the Challengers scene unless it’s for an Academy roster. After months of sitting inactive on the bench, his wishes finally came true.

On July 10 the Subliners announced a new partnership with prominent Challengers organization Triumph Gaming. Through this newfound relationship, Censor was finally able to compete in the Modern Warfare cycle.

He didn’t reach the podium in his first run however, and now it appears Censor might not get another chance. The Academy team has reportedly already made plans to replace Censor after just a single appearance in the recent New York Open event.

The NSYL Academy squad finished in fourth place during the latest Challengers tournament. Just days later moves are already being made, as Censor has reportedly been rotated out of the starting lineup, according to CDL Intel.

Filling out the roster will now be relative newcomer Conor ‘Diamondcon’ Johst of North American organization Sixth Gear.

It quickly became clear that the team wasn’t satisfied with a fourth-place finish. “My performance that series was unacceptable,” Censor said. “Need to hit the damn lab and get better as a team,” teammate Eli ‘Standy’ Bentz added.

Given the nature of the CDL rulebook, Censor isn’t able to simply join another Challengers team. Being replaced on the NSYL Academy lineup means that he is back to square one. Sitting on the bench for the main Subliners roster unless he decides to cut ties with the organization entirely.

Having just won the latest League Home Series, it’s almost certain the main Subliners roster stays intact; currently sitting in fifth place overall, with two regular-season events left, slotting Censor into the main roster now, wouldn’t make much sense. Therefore, this Challengers run could very well be Censor’s only real competitive experience with Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty player Censor upset in front of the camera
Just a single Challengers event could be all that we see of Censor in the Modern Warfare cycle.

While he’s usually vocal on social media, Censor has yet to address the roster shakeup. Official Subliners and Triumph channels are also yet to confirm the move.

Only two Challengers events remain before the final $250,000 North American Championship tournament in August. Whether Censor will find himself back in rotation before then, remains to be seen.