CDL pro OpTic Ghosty reveals ISO Hemlock loadout to dominate MW2 ranked meta

OpTic Ghosty next to the ISO HemlockActivision/OpTic Texas

Rookie OpTic Texas Call of Duty League star Daniel ‘Ghosty’ Rothe has revealed the ISO Hemlock class that he is using to dominate in Modern Warfare 2 ranked play, becoming one of the first pros to hit the top 250.

The ISO Hemlock was added to Modern Warfare 2 with the launch of Season 2 on February 15, which also coincided with the arrival of ranked play in the game.

Before long, players quickly realized that the Hemlock actually dealt some serious damage in the game, and it’s become a staple in ranked play as it can melt at any range and competes with any meta weapon.

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If you’re bored of the TAQ-56 and Vaznev meta and looking for something else to try out, you’ll definitely find yourself dealing more damage with the ISO Hemlock, and with many players frustrated at its inclusion in ranked, you already know it’s going to help you get to the top.

Here’s how OpTic Ghosty decks his out:

  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro
  • Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90
  • Rear Grip: Phantom Grip
  • Stock: Raid 90
  • Ammunition: 5.56 High Velocity

Given Ghosty’s surge up the Modern Warfare II ranks, as well as having been signed to OpTic Texas to help lead them to championship glory, you can trust he knows exactly how to maximize this gun’s potential.

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As CDL pros don’t allow attachment tuning in official pro matches, Ghosty hasn’t tuned any of his. However, if you’re not worried about CDL Gentleman’s agreements, you could look to tune them to prioritize ADS speed, mobility, and recoil control where possible.

As ranked is meant to emulate the true competitive experience, don’t be surprised if the ISO Hemlock is removed from the mode eventually, but for now, it’s definitely helping players pick up some huge wins. If you don’t want to use the Hemlock though, you should check out our other best ranked play loadouts for MW2.

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