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CDL Paris Day 1 recap & highlights: FaZe survive, Subliners keep rolling

Published: 20/Jun/2020 0:14 Updated: 20/Jun/2020 0:27

by Albert Petrosyan


An exciting first day of Call of Duty League action has wrapped up at the Paris Home Series, and the eight competing teams now know where they stand going into the weekend portion of the tournament.

While getting knocked out wasn’t a risk on Day 1 of the Paris Home Series, the eight teams came in knowing that their performances would play a major role in shaping the rest of their weekend.

Florida Mutineers, Dallas Empire, New York Subliners and Atlanta FaZe all won their matches, advancing to play for a semifinal spot on Saturday. Meanwhile, Paris Legion, London Royal Ravens, OpTic Gaming Los Angeles and Toronto Ultra lost, so they’ll be facing elimination straightaway on Day 2.

Group A

Florida Mutineers 3-0 Paris Legion

These two teams couldn’t be heading in more opposite directions; the hosts went in having lost six matches in a row, while Mutineers are defending champions from CDL Minnesota and winners of five in a row.

Just as you’d expect, it was a quick and easy series for Florida, who won 250-148 on Rammaza Hardpoint, 6-4 on Rammaza Search & Destroy and 160-139 on Hackney Yard Domination.

Dallas Empire 3-2 London Royal Ravens

We know Empire have been elite most of the season and Royal Ravens have been putting in strong performances of late, so this was a series most predicted would be a tight match.

It was the definition of a back-and-forth affair; Dallas won the Gun Runner HP 250-84 and Dom 181-130, while London took Gun Runner S&D 6-2 and St. Petrograd HP 250-229.

One final S&D on Piccadilly decided the series — a 6-2 win for Empire — advancing them to the Group A final, while Royal Ravens, despite their strong effort, will face elimination next.

New York Subliners 3-1 OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

This match featured another pair of resurgent teams, as Subliners and OpTic Gaming have both turned their poor seasons around in a big way these past few Home Series events.

OGLA came out hot, taking the lead with a convincing 250-167 win on Rammaza HP. However, it was all New York the rest of the way; three maps in a row (6-1 on Arklov Peak S&D, 154-152 on Gun Runner Dom, 250-193 on Hackney Yard HP) saw them take the series and win their fifth match out of the last eight.

As the scoreline suggests, things were very tight in the game three Domination, especially towards the end, which caster Maven aptly described as “flip, flip, flippity-flip!”

Atlanta FaZe 3-2 Toronto Ultra

The most entertaining series of Day 1 was saved for last, as FaZe and Ultra put on a thriller that not many predicted, considering it was a matchup between the top and bottom teams of the 2020 standings.

Atlanta’s 250-172 opening win on Gun Runner HP seemingly foreshadowed a blowout, but Toronto roared back with victories on Arklov Peak S&D (6-4) and Hackney Yard Dom (165-156) to put themselves on the brink of a massive upset.

FaZe, as they’ve been wont to do all year, tied things up with a 250-182 win on St. Petrograd HP, setting up a game five Gun Runner S&D that went all the way to round 11 which the boys in red won to maintain their perfect group-play record this season.

A monstrous 16-kill performance from Cellium led the way for the two-time champions. On the flip side, it was another tough loss for Ultra, but they’ll at least take solace in knowing that their recently-promoted rookie, CleanX, can go toe-to-toe with the league’s top teams, as he dropped 12 kills to pace his squad.

Looking ahead to Day 2 of CDL Paris

Now that the initial four matches have been played out, we have a good idea as to how the Saturday slate will look as the eight teams will be cut down to four after the second day of action.

A highly-anticipated series between Mutineers and Empire awaits in the Group A final — a rematch of the CDL Minnesota semifinal that Florida won in game 5, round 11. In the lower bracket, the hosts Paris Legion will face London Royal Ravens, an all-European affair that’ll result in one of them getting knocked out early.

In Group B, it’ll be New York Subliners taking on Atlanta FaZe for a semifinal spot, while OpTic Gaming LA will look to keep their recent momentum alive as they will battle Toronto Ultra in an elimination match.

Group A Bracket

Group B Bracket

Remember, you can watch these matches live and keep up with all of the Call of Duty League action via our CDL Paris hub, which includes streams, updated scores, brackets and more.

Call of Duty

How to view your Black Ops Cold War stats on PC, PS5 & Xbox

Published: 28/Nov/2020 2:03

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty is enjoyed by some of the most competitive gamers around and, of course, competitors want to analyze their performances. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to view your Black Ops Cold War stats, no matter your system of choice.

If you played Modern Warfare or Warzone, then chances are that you’re already somewhat familiar with checking your CoD statistics. Aside from the in-game client, using the website COD Tracker was a very popular way to check, and compare, your numbers when away from your console or PC.

That remains an option for Black Ops Cold War in 2020 and beyond, but players can also check their stats in-game and on the official Call of Duty app. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, but they all help you paint a clearer picture of your performance.

Whether you simply want to track your progress as a player or compare yourself to the game’s best, we’ve broken the two ways, outside of the in-game client, that you can check your Black Ops Cold War statistics.

COD Tracker

call of duty black ops cold war cod tracker
COD Tracker
COD Tracker gives you an overview of your stats with the options to dive deeper.

COD Tracker’s offering is likely the most thorough option around, as you are able to track a ton of statistics, filter by mode, map, and weapon while comparing yourself to global leaderboards. 

Like Warzone, you can even go back through many of your recent matches to analyze individual performances.

  1. Head to COD Tracker and enter either your Activision ID or your system’s gamer tag
  2. Navigate to the Black Ops Cold War tag
  3. Check out how you stack up against the competition

Call of Duty Companion

call of duty companion app
The CoD Companion App is a nice alternative for people looking to check numbers on their phone.

The Call of Duty Companion app is a very easy way to access many of your statistics without turning on your PC or console. While it doesn’t have as much data as COD Tracker might give you (and rounds K/D a decimal sooner than Tracker), the UI is very intuitive, with pie charts and line graphs for your numbers and whatnot.

  1. Search “Call of Duty Companion” on your device’s app store or through their website
  2. Download and open
  3. Sign in with your Activision ID or your system’s gamer tag
  4. Navigate to “Player,” then scroll to “Black Ops Cold War” instead of “Modern Warfare” from the drop-down menu

While BOCW’s in-game client may feel somewhat limited in its options for analyzing your performance and place on the leaderboards, these two options each provide a ton of information.

Both provide similar degrees of data with the principal differences coming in their presentation, so it’s really up to you which you prefer to use.