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Full list of Apex Legends world records - Updated May 25, 2019

by Calum Patterson


Want to test your personal records in PUBG and Call of Duty: Blackout, and even rivaling Fortnite Battle Royale

Esports organizations quickly began looking for players to recruit, with some of the most talented PC and console players from other games transferring their skills to Apex Legends.

Knowing how to use the Legends is key to breaking world records.


Just like other battle royales, the aim of the game is simple - outlive everyone else on the map. But, once winning the game becomes easy, for some players the real challenge is racking up as many kills as possible.

With only trios currently available, all records shown are played in this mode.

Solos was briefly added in Season 2, but didn't last long, so any world records for that mode may never be beaten - unless Respawn adds the mode back.

Apex Legends World Records - Updated May 25, 2019


Record Kills Player(s) Date Proof
Solo vs Trio 36 Mendokusaii 02/19/19 link
Trio 46  nOOOK,  Gnaske_Lone_TTV, ya_em_detei_lol  05/25/19 link
Ranked Trio 43 Rogue's HusKers, Sweetdreams, Dropped 7/30/19 link


Console (PS4/Xbox One)

Record Kills Player(s) Date Proof
Solo vs Trio 35 Asapan 03/01/19 link
Trio 45 Gaitor_423, Pensatas, ImCadillackin 02/20/19 link

Think you can do better? Submit your world record attempt to us @Dexerto, with supporting evidence (preferably video evidence) and we will review your submission!

There's still a lot of time for more records to be set, and new record types to be added.

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