Call of Duty Vanguard announces free trial for Shipment release

call of duty vanguard shipment mapActivision

Call of Duty: Vanguard is bringing back one of CoD’s most notorious action-packed maps: Shipment. And, to celebrate, the devs are giving players a weekend to play the game and map for free in mid-November.

CoD is one of the world’s most popular first-person shooters, thanks in part to its gunplay and movement. And there may be no map with as much running and gunning as the bite-sized, high-octane Shipment.

Delighting the adrenaline junkies out there, Shipment is making its return to CoD in Sledgehammer Games’ Vanguard. And this will come after a yearlong hiatus, with its last appearance in Modern Warfare 2019.

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But Sledgehammer want everyone to get a taste of the chaotic map’s return, even those who haven’t bought the new game. So there’s a free trial weekend scheduled, opening the floodgates to pandemonium. 

Call of Duty Vanguard free access & Shipment debut

Shipment will join Vanguard’s map pool on November 17, although the time hasn’t been specified just yet.

Then, from November 18 to November 22, Vanguard will have a free trial weekend — starting and ending at 10 a.m. PT on both days. You should be able to access said trial through your console’s store or through on PC.

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Unlike the full game, the free trial will have no Zombies or Campaign content. Instead, players will be thrust solely into the world of multiplayer. And there could be no better timing than now, since Shipment will be available for action.