Call of Duty Vanguard players discover wild MW2-inspired noob tube spots

Vanguard MK11 Grenade launcher Castle spotsSledgehammer/Activision

Call of Duty Vanguard players have discovered spots on Castle that take things back to Modern Warfare 2 days, allowing for ridiculous crossmap grenade launcher plays.

Modern Warfare 2 first came out in 2009, and, over a decade later, we got the Remastered version in 2020. The game is considered one of the best CoD ever made… except for the noob tubes.

“Noob tube” of course refers to grenade launchers in the world of CoD. MW 2, great as it is, was rife with exploitable spots. With a launcher and info on where to aim, you could easily score kills on enemies as they spawned.

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The nostalgic noob tube highlight video below, all the way back from 2010, shows exactly what we’re talking about.

After receiving plenty of criticism for it’s multiplayer spawns already, ridiculous crossmap grenade launcher kills have now made a comeback in Vanguard as well.

Clips from Castle show players scoring multi-kills by simply aiming at the right place with the MK11 launcher.

Castle was originally from Call of Duty: World at War, so it’s already a blast from the past. Add in the MK11 launcher, which is capable of wiping teams from across the map, and you get ridiculous clips like this.

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Just one grenade is easily enough to activate a killstreak with the right aim. If you can get off more than one shot, you can really pile up the elims. Of course, this is made easier because of the Blitz game mode, which packs teams of 24 into the map.

It’s definitely not awesome for the players getting wiped, though. But, like we saw in the first video, things like this have been happening for over a decade in CoD.

If anything, you should just work to get away from spawn ASAP, especially on Castle. It might not be a bad idea to keep this in mind for other maps as well, as more noob tube spots may get discovered as time goes on.

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