Call of Duty reveals best Fennec loadouts for Modern Warfare & Warzone

Tanner Pierce
Modern Warfare Gaz Fennec

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In a bit of an unusual move, Call of Duty has shared their official recommended loadouts for the popular, high rate-of-fire SMG, the Fennec.

Ever since its release within the game a couple of months back, one weapon that’s been absolutely dominating the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone metagame is the Fennec SMG. While it hasn’t seen the type of play like the Grau assault rifle has, you’d be hard-pressed to find a game in either mode where the weapon doesn’t show up.

The base model Fennec SMG as seen in the Modern Warfare Season 4 trailer.

Because of this, it’s not unusual to see a slew of different and unique load-outs for the weapon, with everything from long-ranged extended fire variants to short, two-shot burst versions hitting the metagame. That being said, it looks like not everyone is done sharing their opinion about loadouts for the Fennec.

In a fairly unexpected move, Call of Duty itself has shared a number of different Fennec loadouts via a 49-second video on its official Twitter account. In total, the video shared four different variants of the weapon and, while it didn’t label them or categorize them in any way, they each have their own playstyles.

The first loadout seems to be aimed around CQB combat and steady aiming. The loadout utilizes the CQB Breacher Device, which allows you to melee faster, as well as the ZLR Blade stock and Tactical foregrip, both of which aid in aiming stability. On top of that, you also have the Mini Reflex sight and 40 round drums for good measure.

The second loadout appears to be an all-around solid package. The Forge TAC CQS stock allows you to aim down sights quicker and the 1mW laser gives you more hipfire accuracy, while the Muzzle Break and Operator Foregrip give you more stabilization for the recoil. The 40 drum allows you lay down fire at a consistent rate.

The third loadout appears to be based around a more aggressive style of play, turning the Fennec into somewhat of an assault rifle. The ZLR 16″ Apex barrel and Merc Foregrip gives you a huge boost in range, velocity, and recoil control, while the suppressor keeps you silent – and who can forget about the 40-round drum, once again.

The fourth and final loadout shared by Call of Duty seems to be an enhanced version of the previous one. While it keeps the ZLR 16″ Apex barrel, it replaces the standard suppressor with the ZLR Sabre, a custom suppressor for the Fennec. On top of that, it also adds the Tac Laser, Ranger Foregrip and the 40-round drum.

All in all, it seems like a good variety of loadouts from Call of Duty. Some are clearly more CQB than others, while some basically turn the weapon into an assault rifle, which can be deadly. It is funny that the one consistency, in every single loadout, was the 40-round drum, seemingly confirming that Infinity Ward is aware that the weapon has an ammo problem.

Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see if these loadouts gain any sort of popularity in the meta – or if the same loadouts still plague each game.