Call of Duty players frustrated over Warzone & MW2 anti-cheat update: “Just ban them”

Jacob Hale
Warzone operators in car

Call of Duty players across both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone have hit out at Activision over the latest anti-cheat update, begging them to just ban hackers rather than keep adding more issues for them to face.

Ever since Call of Duty introduced the RICOCHET anti-cheat, the cheating problem that was present in the opening year of Warzone’s Verdansk and Modern Warfare multiplayer has improved tenfold.

That said, some cheaters still get through the cracks, especially as hacking software is updated so regularly to be able to get past the anti-cheat updates.

Over recent years, COD has introduced a number of measures to ruin the gameplay experience for suspected cheaters, such as making them unable to do damage to opponents or making enemies invisible to cheaters, decreasing their chances of being able to ruin others’ games.

In the latest update, on June 29, they made it so that hackers see “hallucinations,” essentially copies of real players, tricking them into believing an opponent is in front of them when they’re not really.

Warzone players just want cheaters banned

While some players have heralded all the changes made to troll opponents and ruin their cheats, others are getting annoyed at the devs for not simply just banning cheaters.

“This is cool for sure,” said Warzone streamer Fifakill. “But if they know that the person/ account is cheating then why not just ban them outright?”

This followed a similar sentiment echoed by many in the replies to tweets about the new anti-cheat measures.

While the cheating problem has become much more manageable as Ricochet is updated and new changes implemented, it’s still a huge issue, especially in the higher tiers of both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone ranked, so you can understand why players are getting increasingly frustrated.

RICOCHET still implements semi-regular ban waves, the most recent of which saw a professional COD player get banned while competing at Challengers champs.