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Call of Duty: OpTic Gaming suffer their first ever competitive loss of Black Ops 4 season

Published: 18/Dec/2018 1:33

by Albert Petrosyan


In a shocking turn of events, OpTic Gaming’s dominant Call of Duty team has been beaten for the first time since the start of the Black Ops 4 season. 

OpTic’s first ever loss of the season came at the hands of Team Reciprocity in the Winner’s Bracket Finals of the CMG ProDown tournament on December 17.

While the loss itself is certainly a stunning upset, the manner with which they lost is even more shocking, as Reciprocity reverse swept OpTic in a best-of-five series, winning three straight maps after losing the first two. 

The loss has dropped OpTic Gaming into the Loser’s Bracket of the ProDown for the first time in all of the three weeks that the tournament has been played, the first two of which were dominated wire-to-wire by the Green Wall


But OpTic’s play has been so strong thus far this season that they will likely still be deemed favorites by many to win the tournament for the third straight time, even if means that they would have to win two straight matches in the Grand Final. 

This loss also adds another juicy layer to the storylines of controversy that has developed between OpTic and Team Rec over the past 24 hours

The two teams had attempted to play their Winner’s Bracket Final the night previous, and came close to completing the match, when connection issues sparked arguments between the players, who all ultimately decided to replay the entire series the next day. 


OpTic Gaming were literally unbeatable so far this season, capped off by their dominant display at CWL Vegas.

Coming into the match against Team Reciprocity, OpTic had won a grand total of 38 consecutive competitive matches to start off the Black Ops 4 season, dropping very few maps in the process.

Those victores  the first two MLG 2,000 Series tournaments of the season (18-0), the first one of which they won with a 27-0 overall map count, the first three ProDown tournaments (12-0), and the recent $250,000 CWL Vegas tournament (8-0), where they went 4-0 in both Pool Play and the Championship Bracket.