Call of Duty devs confirm they’re working on Modern Warfare 2019 fixes

. 6 months ago
call of duty modern warfare 2019

Call of Duty’s developers have finally answered a question plaguing a devoted number of players. After weeks of complaints, the devs have confirmed that fixes are currently in the works for Modern Warfare 2019.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 is one of the most divisive CoD titles in history. As social media will tell you, competitive players loathed the game (which lacked any ranked play and few beloved maps), while casuals adored it.

An obvious stepping point in the franchise, Infinity Ward’s MW19 engine brought about a new era of movement and immersion, while serving as the foundation for Warzone and 2022’s Vanguard as well.

While the game still has a number of players, even two years later, bugs and crashes have prevented devoted fans from playing it since December. Now, CoD is finally responding and confirming that fixes are coming.

Modern Warfare 2019 fans slam devs for ‘unplayable’ game

As a number of tweets explain, including the above, MW19 has been impossible to play for many people recently. Twitter’s ‘DevourMas’ said the issues arose with Warzone’s Pacific update on December 8, which fits the weeks-long timeline given by other accounts.

Despite complaints ranging back into December, the devs had not responded to the concerns until now. On January 13, CoD’s official account posted an update explaining that a number of bugs – across Warzone, Vanguard, and MW19 – are in the works.

CoD devs promise fixes for Modern Warfare

In the new message, the CoD team explained that they “are hard at work addressing the issues that are being across Vanguard, Warzone, and Modern Warfare.” Additionally, they wanted players to know that “updates are being deployed as quickly as possible.”

This information is likely most appreciated by MW19 fans, who have experienced radio silence while the later games have had a number of updates over the past few weeks.

As far as timelines for the upcoming fixes to the still-populated 2019 title, there were no clear indications. CoD’s tweet did mention following the game’s developer, Infinity Ward, though – so it’s likely that further updates will be posted by them.

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