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Call of Duty: CWL announces update regarding the new Zero Specialist in competitive play

Published: 22/Dec/2018 3:42 Updated: 22/Dec/2018 3:44

by Albert Petrosyan


The Call of Duty World League has announced what it plan to do with the brand new Zero Specialist when it comes to competitive play in Black Ops 4.

Released as part of the launch of the Operation Absolute Zero in-game event on December 11, Zero became the first new Specialist to be added since Black Ops 4 first launched on October 12.

This has created a dilemma of sorts for competitive players because they are in the dark when it comes to how Zero will fit in to competitive play and the official CWL rule-set.

According to an official tweet put out by the CWL late on December 21, Zero will not be featured in competitive play at this time as the official rule-set will remain the same from what it was at the recent $250,000 CWL Vegas event. 


This means that all of the players from the 28 teams that will be competing in the qualifier tournament for the CWL Pro League will not have to worry about changing their strategies and game plans to include Zero. 

However, as the tweet above indicates, this is not going to the permanent status of the new Specialist, as the CWL plans on “examining bringing Zero into the rules” by the time the Pro League kicks off on February 4.

Until then, players will want to avoid using Zero in any practices or scrimmage against other teams as they prepare for the qualifier tournament.



How Zero will eventually fit into competitive, or whether it will even be added, remains to be seen, although whatever that gets decided is likely to have its fair share of supporters and naysayers.

The topic has already created a split opinion when it comes to the community, with the likes of OpTic’s Scump announcing his disapproval of Zero’s abilities while Envy captain ACHES not happy with how other pro players are bashing the Specialist

Zero includes two main features – Disruptor and Icepick – the first acting as an EMP that disables enemy HUDs and equipment and the latter having that ability to hack enemy scorestreaks.