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Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 May 2 patch notes – Changes to Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout

Published: 2/May/2019 18:52 Updated: 2/May/2019 18:54

by David Purcell


Treyarch have revealed yet another major patch for Call of Duty and the developer is set to implement some key changes which will impact Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout game modes. 

The new May 2 patch notes detail tweaks for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Details from the announcement, which was made on Twitter by the official Treyarch account, states that frustrating issues regarding perks not functioning as they should have now been resolved. 

Other changes include the long-awaited arrival of Prop Hunt on PlayStation 4, which is a Weekend Warfare game mode that has featured in a number of CoD titles in the past – including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and more. 

This is the third patch to be released by the developer in the space of three days, resolving issues in-game, while revealing some exciting new things for players to try out. 

The April 30 update included Multiplayer weapon balancing and Blackout map updates, while the Black Ops 4 May 1 patch revealed Operation Spectre Rising stability fixes, combat record record changes, among other things. 

TreyarchCheck out the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 patch notes for May 2 below…

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, May 2 patch notes 

For those wanting to check out the changes in-full, the patch notes can be found below:


  • PC 1.17 update live today.
  • Improvements to Bounty Hunter mode in Blackout.
  • Addressed an issue with Perks not functioning properly in Multiplayer.
  • Afterlife Camo now stays properly equipped when entering an MP match.
  • Weapon tuning across multiple classes in Zombies.
  • General stability improvements in Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies.
  • Prop Hunt goes live in Multiplayer tomorrow on PS4!



  • Camos

    • Afterlife Camo will now stay properly equipped when entering a Multiplayer match.
  • Maps

    • Masquerade

      • Addressed an issue that could prevent Battery’s War Machine rounds from functioning properly in certain parts of the map.


  • Bounty Hunter

    • Spectre’s Shadow Blade will now hit enemy Spectre players more consistently.
    • Bounty Mark will no longer disappear if the marked player quits the game.
    • Addressed an issue with Bounty Death Stashes that landed on top of vehicles.
    • General stability improvements.

All platforms: 


  • Perks

    • Addressed an issue that could prevent Perks from functioning properly.
  • Lobby

    • Public lobbies will now display all members, not just party members.
  • Stability

    • General stability improvements.


  • Custom Games

    • Hosts of Custom Games can now assign teams.


  • Weapons

    • Switchblade X9

      • Increased magazine size from 26 to 30 to match other game modes.
      • Decreased stock ammo from 338 to 330.
    • VKM 750

      • Increased max damage from 190 to 205.
      • Decreased magazine size from 60 to 50 to match other game modes.
      • Decreased stock ammo from 420 to 400.
    • Hades

      • Increased stock ammo from 425 to 455.
      • Decreased magazine size from 85 to 65 to match other game modes.
    • ABR 223

      • Increased stock ammo from 270 to 288.
      • Increased magazine size from 30 to 36 to match other game modes.
    • Outlaw

      • Increased stock ammo from 72 to 81.
      • Decreased magazine size from 12 to 9 to match other game modes.
    • Paladin HB50

      • Increased magazine size from 5 to 6 to match other game modes.
    • SDM

      • Increased stock ammo from 80 to 84.
      • Decreased magazine size from 16 to 12 to match other game modes.
    • Koshka

      • Increased stock ammo from 64 to 66.
      • Decreased magazine size from 8 to 6 to match other game modes.
    • MOG 12

      • Decreased magazine size from 6 to 4 to match other game modes.
      • Decreased stock ammo from 48 to 44.
      • Decreased Pack-a-Punch stock ammo from 64 to 60.
      • Decreased Pack-a-Punch magazine size from 16 to 12.
      • Decreased Pack-a-Punch maximum base damage from 500 to 300.
    • SG12

      • Increased stock ammo from 110 to 126.
      • Increased Pack-a-Punch stock ammo from 100 to 112.
      • Decreased magazine size from 10 to 6 to match other game modes.
      • Decreased Pack-a-Punch magazine size from 20 to 16.
    • RK7 Garrison

      • Increased Pack-a-Punch max damage from 260 to 320.
      • Reduced Pack-a-Punch headshot multiplier from 5 to 4.
  • Maps

    • Dead of the Night

      • Addressed an issue that could result in a player being revived with all Perks equipped.
      • Addressed an issue that could cause players to lose Mule Kick.
  • Stability

    • General stability improvements.



  • Weapons

    • GKS

      • Increased 5-shot range from 5 meters to 7.5 meters.
    • MX-9

      • Increased 5-shot range from 7 meters to 7.5 meters.
      • Slightly increased 5-shot range damage.
    • Daemon 3XB

      • Created a 5-shot range out to 7.5 meters.
      • Increased 6-shot range from 11.5 meters to 19 meters.
      • Increased 7-shot range from 19 meters to 25 meters.
      • Increased 8-shot range from 25 meters to 32 meters.
    • Switchblade X9

      • Increased 5-shot range from 2.5 meters to 7.5 meters.
      • Increased 6-shot range from 16.5 meters to 19 meters.
      • Increased 7-shot range from 19 meters to 25 meters.
      • Increased 8-shot range from 24 meters to 32 meters.
    • Saug 9mm

      • Stock II: Slightly reduced move speed during ADS.
    • Miscellaneous

      • Closed an exploit where players could fire faster than intended from sprint by starting a slide, then immediately firing.
  • Specialists

    • Nomad

      • Increased cooldown time for Mesh Mine.
    • Ajax

      • Increased cooldown time for 9-Bang.
    • Torque

      • Increased cooldown time for Razor Wire.
    • Ruin

      • Grav Slam’s kills no longer feed its ability meter, to be consistent with other Specialist Weapons.
    • Firebreak

      • Reactor Core kill notifications now take up less screen space.
  • Scorestreaks

    • UAV

      • Duration increased to 30 seconds.
    • Counter-UAV

      • Duration increased to 30 seconds.
    • Drone Squad

      • Damage increased for lead and buddy drones.
      • Minimum and maximum burst fire times increased for lead and buddy drones.
      • Drone clip size increased.
    • Mantis

      • Reduced the amount of time the Mantis can be temporarily disabled.
      • Increased the damage threshold for temporarily disabling the Mantis.
  • Game Modes

    • Search & Destroy

      • Addressed an issue where players would see teammates as enemies if the last player died to a bomb detonation.
      • Addressed an issue where the briefcase bomb could reduce bullet damage.
  • Stability

    • Fixed a potential crash that could occur on Hacienda.


  • Weapons

    • Melee weapons have been restricted.
  • Scorestreaks

    • Attack Chopper

      • Rockets required to destroy the Attack Chopper reduced to 2 including the flare.
    • Gunship

      • Rockets required to destroy the Gunship reduced to 2 including the flare.
  • Miscellaneous

    • Addressed an issue that allowed 6 players in a 5-player party.
    • Addressed an issue in the Event End notification that displayed Top 10 when players finished in the Top 5.


  • Weapons

    • VKM 750

      • Reduced recoil.
      • Additional recoil reduction during the first 4 shots.
      • Replaced 4x Scope with 3x Scope (Gold version).
    • Hades

      • Reduced hits to kill from 6 to 5.
      • Increased maximum damage range.
      • Replaced 4x Scope with 2x Scope (Gold version).
    • Mozu

      • Increased close range damage.
      • Increased headshot multiplier.
    • Hellion Salvo

      • Limited the maximum number of Rockets a Blackout player can carry to 10.
  • Maps

    • Alcatraz

      • Made visual improvements to various models throughout the map.
      • Various environmental updates and mantling improvements added to aid player traversal.
      • Lighthouse foghorn sound effect added at the end of each wave spawn delay timer.
      • Addressed an exploitable area in the Alcatraz map.
  • Equipment

    • Mesh Mines

      • Increased visibility of visual FX to make Mesh Mines easier to spot.
  • Personalization

    • Character personalization and selection will now be shared between Blackout lobby and Blackout Custom Games.


  • Classic Elixir Restock

    • Empty Elixir slots will now be filled with a randomly-chosen Classic Elixir during a match.
    • Classic Elixirs will be placed into any empty slots at the start of a match.
    • Team-friendly Elixirs like “Nowhere But There!” have a greater chance of being chosen when playing in co-op matches.
  • Gameplay

    • Dead of the Night

      • Werewolves now spawn less frequently and take more damage when weak points are hit.
      • Adjusted the base health of the Nosferatu and reduced the maximum and minimum number of Nosferatu spawns per round.
      • The Crimson Nosferatu now spawns less frequently, summons reinforcements less frequently, and has lower base health.
      • Removed zombie speed increase that occurs when the Sentinel Key is acquired.
    • Mystery Box

      • Removed some of the Wall Buy weapons from the Mystery Box.
      • Prevented duplicates occurring in consecutive Mystery Box weapon pulls.
      • Reorganized Mystery Box probabilities by weapon tier.
  • Perks

    • Winter’s Wail

      • Now fully recharges with Max Ammo and at every round completion.
      • Will only proc if the player is not at full health in order to reduce the number of times it activates.
      • On Realistic difficulty, Winter’s Wail will still activate on contact since players will rarely survive more than one hit.
      • Players will now gain one charge every 60 seconds.
      • Increased base maximum charges to 3. Modifier charges increased to 4.
  • Camo Requirements

    • Halved Camo kill requirements for weapons only obtainable through the Mystery Box to make them more attainable.
  • Server Pause

    • Addressed an issue where, if a player left a match during a Server Pause, their character model would remain in-game for an extended time.
    • Addressed an issue where players could move during a Server Pause.
    • Addressed an issue where initiating Server Pause could cause players to lose connections to the host.
  • Host Migration

    • Addressed an issue where, if a Host Migration occurred at the beginning of a public match, the wave would unintentionally proceed after the migration ended.
    • Addressed an issue where, if the host used Quacknarok and left, the effect would remain after the Host Migration.
  • After Action Report

    • Addressed an issue where the Rewards section of the Custom Mutations After Action Report would show rewards earned from the previous public or private match.
    • Addressed an issue where incorrect information could display in the After Action Report after a player left after a Host Migration.
  • Visuals

    • Ancient Evil

      • Addressed various visual issues that could occur during natural gameplay, the Main Quest, and the Outro Cutscene.
      • Pack-a-Punch Runes are now correctly aligned for the Wonder Weapon Pack-a-Punch Quest.
      • Addressed an issue where the Pegasus Strike did not appear correctly in third-person when the player was holding the Equipment button.
  • Custom Mutations

    • Global

      • Fixed multiple issues related to the Enhanced Only setting in Custom Mutations.
    • Ancient Evil

      • Addressed an issue where players could be prevented from progressing past the first round in Custom Mutations.
      • Addressed multiple issues related to the Equipment and Regen Speed settings in Custom Mutations.
  • Weapons

    • Saug 9mm

      • Stock II: Slightly reduced move speed during ADS.
  • Stability

    • Ancient Evil

      • Fixed a crash that could occur if players killed a Blightfather during the initiation for a Wonder Weapon.
      • Fixed a crash that could occur after players destroyed the final statue while inside the Charon Charge Attack during the Main Quest.
      • Fixed a crash that could occur after players shoot all Chaos Crystals off of a tree during the Gaia Wonder Weapon Quest.
    • Blood of the Dead

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when firing the Spectral Key and changing targets.
  • Miscellaneous

    • Global

      • Addressed an issue where power-ups and special round Max Ammo could drop outside of the playable area.
      • Addressed an issue where using an Elixir while shooting the Shield’s Pistol could result in the Elixir’s ability not activating.
      • Addressed an issue that prevented Shields from receiving ammo from Max Ammo power-ups.
      • Addressed an issue where, if a player had Mule Kick from the Secret Sauce Perk and lost it, they could not get Mule Kick again unless it was in that same slot.
      • Addressed an issue where Perk descriptions would not update when hovering over Perks equipped to Altars in the Create-a-Class menu.
    • Ancient Evil

      • A prompt now lets the player know they are unable to pick up a Dormant Hand when already holding a Wonder Weapon.
      • Players can no longer accidentally cancel the Pegasus Strike when repeatedly pressing the Equipment button.
      • When fast-travelling with Bots, the Bots will no longer disrupt player movement.
      • Addressed various issues relating to voiceover being interrupted and incorrect subtitles being played.
      • Addressed an issue where, if a player died and entered spectate with a Tribute reward available, their progress could be reset upon returning.
      • Addressed an issue where, if a player used the charge attack with the Hand of Ouranos or Hand of Hemera, the channeling animation would play but nothing would happen.
      • Addressed an issue where a player could be in the Shadow’s Bank and get stuck by receiving help from other players.
    • Classified

      • Addressed an issue where zombies could get stuck pathing in Groom Lake.


  • Controls

    • Added “Smoke – Throw Mode” Gameplay setting for Spectre’s Smoke Special Issue Equipment.
  • Emblem Editor/Paintshop

    • Slider values can now be edited by typing in a specific number.
    • Updated layout and visual cues to improve the clarity of the decal being edited.
  • Weapons

    • Bullets that travel underwater will now inflict reduced damage.
    • Fixed an exploit where players could fire faster than intended from sprint by starting a slide, then immediately firing.
    • Selecting a weapon that has a Signature Weapon available will now display both the base and Signature Weapon to choose from.
  • Black Market

    • Gestures and Tags are no longer character-specific, and the UI has been updated to start with the Slot assignment.
    • Gestures, Tags and Jump Packs in Blackout can be now be accessed from the Extras menu in the Lobby.
  • Personalization

    • Gestures and Tags can be played in the Lobby in Multiplayer, World League Hub, and Blackout.
    • Outfit personalization can now be accessed from the Specialist button in the lobby in Multiplayer and World League Hub.
    • Outfit personalization will now be shared between Multiplayer and World League Hub in Custom Games in each mode.
  • UI

    • Player Prestige Master level number is now Gold.
    • Tier Reward animations are faster in the After Action Report.
Call of Duty

7 players to watch during 2021’s CDL Kickoff Classic

Published: 22/Jan/2021 19:02 Updated: 22/Jan/2021 22:40

by Theo Salaun


Activision’s Call of Duty League is finally here and things are getting started with the CDL Kickoff Classic — a preseason event where x-factor players on all 12 teams can begin making their mark. 

With an exodus of 12 starters as the CDL shifts to a 4v4 format in Black Ops Cold War, individual play is paramount. Players have less backup on the battlefield and, with a deep talent pool in the Challengers scene, more competition for their roles.

Representing Chicago, OpTic Gaming are back with Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez, Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and the gang. Delighting fans, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag’s 100 Thieves return to competitive CoD for Los Angeles. Teams have shuffled since the inaugural season and each team’s expectations will be tested by at least one player’s CDL Kickoff performance. 

Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson (Atlanta FaZe)

The best AR in CoD?

Chicago Hunstmen Arcitys CDL
Call of Duty League
Did the most stacked roster in CoD add the league’s best AR?

While Michael ‘MajorManiak’ Szymaniak was highly regarded by his teammates last season, few rank him in a tier anywhere near Arcitys. FaZe’s submachine gun and flex play was never a question, but adding Arcitys on the assault rifle could push them past the Dallas Empire in power rankings.

If Arcitys continues, let alone improves upon, his 2020 form, then Atlanta should be an early favorite. Tested by a strong Florida Mutineers squad, fans should get a quality temperature check on FaZe’s newest member.

Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter (Dallas Empire)

Did Dallas release the right veteran AR?

Crimsix celebrating a Dallas Empire win
At 28 years old, Crimsix needs to continue disproving his doubters.

The transition from 5v5 to 4v4 was not without heartbreak and few splits were as tough as the Empire’s. Dropping James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks instead of Crimsix was a difficult decision and, at the CDL Kickoff Classic, that decision will receive its first evaluation.

When the two veteran ARs face each other, Crim will be with the same absurd, young trio of “Xeo” gunners and Clayster with… one standout sophomore and two formerly projected bench players. It shouldn’t be too hard of a test for Dallas, but fans should be curious to see how much Crim’s thumbs have aged.

Donovan ‘Temp’ Laroda (Los Angeles Thieves)

Big Brand meets Big Ego

temp la thieves
Twitter, @LAThieves
Temp talks the talk, but must walk the walk for the CDL’s next big brand.

Tying for 5th at CDL Champs wasn’t enough to keep OpTic in Los Angeles so Nadeshot got to buy into the league. Although the team’s Challengers call-ups, Zack ‘Drazah’ Jordan and Darien ‘Hollow’ Chervchko, played admirably in the postseason — 100T replaced them in the starting lineup with one of the league’s most confident ARs.

The self-proclaimed top “gunnie” in the CDL, Temp has an unrelenting belief in his ability (alternatively, a ‘strong personality,’ per general manager Eric ‘Muddawg’ Sanders) backed by a strong history of top-tier, albeit streaky play. While his year with the New York Subliners was disappointing, Temp now rejoins former teammates Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat and Thomas ‘TJHaLy’ Haly. With 100T’s enormous fanbase and a matchup with OpTic Chicago, the gunner gets a large stage to prove his play can rise to both the occasion and his own expectations.

Preston ‘Priestahh’ Greiner (Minnesota ROKKR)

The honorary Tiny Terror?

Atlanta FaZe's Priestahh.
From teaming with the Tiny Terrors to a much larger role, Priestahh can make a statement in 2021.

FaZe were the second-best team in 2020 and Priestahh would likely still be on the team if not for the swap to 4v4. Instead, one of the league’s most selfless players gets to turn a new leaf with a fully revamped ROKKR squad.

Starting with Minnesota’s preseason matchup against the Toronto Ultra, Priestahh should shift from flex to his more natural sub role. Expectations for what was a miserable ROKKR team will hinge on his ability to prove he was being overshadowed in Atlanta and can transition from dirty work to slaying.

Makenzie ‘Mack’ Kelley (New York Subliners)

No ZooMaa, No Hydra: Return of the Mack

New York Subliners' Mack.
MackMelts (Twitter)
A 2020 MVP candidate, Mack needs to take another step for NY to compete.

Easily one of the top rookies in 2020, Mack jumped into New York’s starting lineup and almost immediately surged into the MVP conversation. The Subliners had a quality offseason after fizzling in the playoffs, but new issues mean Mack will have to go above and beyond to start 2021.

With rookie Paco ‘HyDra’ Rusiewiez dealing with visa issues and Tommy ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto retiring due to injury, Mack is moving to SMG for an unfinished roster. He’s back in his preferred role, but the season depends on his ability to reach 2020’s near-MVP form.

Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell (OpTic Chicago)

Heeding Chicago’s Bat-Signal

Dashy on stage
Back with his guys, Chicago’s hopes depend on Dashy’s return to form.

Like Atlanta, Chicago shuffled pieces after falling just short of the championship in 2020. With Arcitys eager to rejoin former teammates on FaZe, H3CZ celebrated the return of OpTic with the return of one of the brand’s former players.

But 2020 was an ugly year for Dashy and, aside from some big moments as a suddenly summoned bench player in CDL Champs, questions surround the formerly elite AR. Expectations are high for the biggest brand in CoD, but will rise and fall depending on Dashy’s play.

Peirce ‘Gunless’ Hillman (Seattle Surge)

Started from the bottom, now we Peirce

Chicago Huntsmen's Gunless.
In just a few years, Gunless has gone from star to substitute to starter with a chip on his shoulder.

Like Dashy, no one questions the raw mechanical talent that Gunless holds. Unfortunately, also like Dashy, the gifted player spent most of a porous 2020 on the bench with rumored character concerns. 

Now, he joins two others as reinforcements for Sam ‘Octane’ Larew on 2020’s worst team: Seattle. If the Surge are going to improve upon a 5-18 record that ended dead last at CDL Champs, Gunless will need a return to form beginning on Day 1 against the Los Angeles Guerrillas.

While the Call of Duty League is chock-full of players with high expectations, low expectations and everything in between, these seven stand out as those with the most notable stocks in the preseason. A variety of other rookies and transferred players can make statements during the Kickoff Classic, but power rankings and fan expectations should hinge entirely on our listed x-factors.