Warzone player gets ultimate revenge after camper caught hardscoping

warzone hardscope sniper revenge

One vengeful Call of Duty: Warzone player captured and shared footage of the revenge they enacted on a hard-scoping sniper who took them out from long range.

The act of hard-scoping in Warzone and other Call of Duty games often gets a bad rap, even though those who utilize the tactic have effectively committed themselves to a sniper’s stated purpose.

However, some users, particularly those dispatched under such circumstances, view hard-scoping as derisively as camping.

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Every so often, though, a hard-scope-focused Warzone clip will go viral online, once more stimulating discourse about the tactic’s supposed cheapness in multiplayer matches. The latest of such gameplay clips doesn’t exactly favor the sniper.

Warzone player gets revenge on sniper

warzone player throws hardscoping sniperActivision
Warzone player throws sniper off water tower.

Recently, Reddit user spideyjiri uploaded a roughly 40-second gameplay video of their encounter with a water tower sniper in Call of Duty Warzone.

The sniper in question dispatched the Redditor from a distance, taking the player out as they engaged with another opponent on the ground.

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When the replay footage showed the sniper hard-scoping, spideyjiri wasted no time redeploying and headed straight for the map’s water tower. Upon reaching their destination, the player enacted the ultimate revenge by performing a Warzone Finishing Move that threw the shooter across the map.

Clearly, some players take sitting on the receiving end of hard-scoping much harder than others. It was a cleanly executed retribution mission, though, one the water tower sniper won’t soon forget.

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Warzone has appeared in the news plenty of late, thanks in large part to ongoing rumors and speculation about its sequel.

While Infinity Ward and Activision confirmed Warzone 2’s existence earlier in the year, neither company has seen fit to share concrete details. But Activision did note in a quarterly earnings report that an official reveal will go live later in 2022.

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