Grandma goes viral on TikTok after dominating on Warzone with hardscopes

TacticalGramma WarzoneActivision / TacticalGramma

The virtual battlegrounds of Warzone’s Verdansk are filled with all kinds of players, but the latest viral sensation to tear up the kill feed is none other than a grandma. 

While Warzone’s pros have been destroying folks since the game’s release, there have also been a number of ordinary players who have had their time in the spotlight. From streamers that use strange baguette-based controllers to drum kits and recorders, we’ve witnessed plenty of great moments from Activision’s ever-popular FPS. 

However, the latest video to go viral is Twitch streamer TacticalGramma. As the name suggests, TacticalGramma is a little older than your average Warzone fan, but that hasn’t stopped her from absolutely schooling players with her sniping skills. 

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TacticalGramma Warzone sniping montage

Warzone killActivision / TacticalGramma
TacticalGramma is one of the most entertaining Warzone streamers.

TacticalGramma has been playing video games since the table tennis-themed arcade title Pong came out. Since then, the streamer has shown off her skills in a variety of different games – the latest being that of the hit battle royale title, Warzone. 

Activision’s battle royale title can prove difficult for even the best FPS players, but that hasn’t stopped this gaming grandma from popping off. Utilizing the SP-R208, TacticalGramma goes on a crazy killing spree. Not only was her aim and call-outs on point, so was TacticalGramma’s aim. 

The beloved streamer shared her impressive Warzone sniper montage with her fans on TikTok, which has since gone viral. It’s hard not to smile at this clip, especially when phrases like “get wrecked nerd” and “that’s right gramma killed you” are used after particularly punchy kills. 

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TacticalGramma even makes a nod to Warzone’s ongoing hacking problem after she killed one player, stating “Oh, he’s going to think I’m hacking!”. It’s certainly not every day that you get to see a Grandma cracking craniums in Verdansk, but it is something that has brought a smile to many Warzone players’ faces. 

Whether we’ll ever see TacticalGrammma make an appearance in the CDL remains to be seen. Make sure you check out our Call of Duty hub for all the latest Warzone news and updates.