Warzone players want Serpentine nerfed already as perk is “too strong”

. 29 days ago
Serpentine perk book in Warzone with battle royale logo

Call of Duty: Warzone fans have been voicing their frustrations with the Serpentine perk, with some claiming it is “too strong” in the hands of some players. 

Over the last few seasons, Warzone players have wanted to see Raven Software shake up the selection of perks on offer in the battle royale and give them a bit of a reset. The devs have answered those calls in a number of ways, buffing a handful of pre-existing perks and adding new ones to boot.

Most recently, as a part of the Season 3 update, Raven introduced the Serpentine perk to Warzone – a perk 1 option that reduces incoming damage from bullets, explosives, and fire by 20%.

The perk hasn’t yet displaced Cold-Blooded or Double Time as a go-to choice, but it has gotten some love from some players. Though, that has annoyed others who believe it is a little “too strong” when paired with Stim Shots.

Serpentine perk
The Serpentine perk offers security for aggressive players.

A number of fans flagged their annoyance with the perk across social media, with some asking why the perk was even added to the battle royale in the first place.

“Since the update with the added health, and the inclusion of Serpentine it is now so hard to get kills compared to before,” stated …, who believes games have become “more ratty” as a result. “Extra health good, Serpentine bad,” replied one fan, offering a simplified take on things. “Serpentine in the hands of good players is definitely way too strong, especially paired with stims,” added another.

Another player, Redditor light-warrior, called on the devs to “nerf” the perk if they’re not going to adjust health further. “Serpentine makes engagements frustrating and drawn out. Needs a rework for sure,” agreed Connairefstanfield.

Of course, not everyone believes the perk is all that useful. YouTuber JGOD stated that Serpentine is only worth using if Iron Trials is re-introduced as a game mode later down the line.

It remains to be seen if anything will happen to the perk, but it seems unlikely right now given how recently it was introduced to the battle royale.

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