Brilliant Warzone 2 fake revive trick fools an entire team

One Warzone 2 player took advantage of all the tools in their arsenal, using a fake revive sound to eliminate an enemy team.

Proximity chat added a refreshing layer of nuance to Warzone 2. Developers designed the feature with trash-talking or communicating with gulag teammates in mind, but community members applied their own expressive touch.

Choreographing a flash dance, creating an Uber service, and turning off opposing players’ consoles scratch the surface of what’s possible with proximity chat. If used correctly, players can even outsmart opponents utilizing the feature, and that’s exactly what one player did.

Here’s how one intuitive Warzone 2 player controversially took out an enemy team playing a fake revive sound.

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Warzone 2 Operators in a helicopterActivision
Warzone 2 players have universally praised proximity chat.

Warzone 2 players baits enemy using proximity chat

A Warzone 2 player posted a clip on Reddit using a soundboard to play a fake revive sound over proximity chat in DMZ. A squad member on the opposing team said, “he’s reviving somebody. I can hear him.”

Those were their famous last words as they pushed in and were unexpectedly met with an ambush.

Community members had mixed reactions to the underhanded ploy. One player responded, “this is the smartest thing I have seen on the subreddit so far. I’m actually stealing this idea. I appreciate you!”

While a commenter on the opposing side argued, “If you use discord chat but take advantage of game chat, you’re the reason this game will die to nothing but sweats.”

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A majority of community members supported the strategy, as a third player stated, “devs wanted a tactical game, so this should be a valid way to use proximity chat.”

The player behind the brilliant play also mentioned they have an enemy UAV overhead sound on their soundboard if they want an enemy team to leave.

To avoid getting duped, check out our guide on how to turn off proximity chat in Warzone 2.