Black Ops grinder dominates pros with handcam after they accuse her of hacking

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If you missed competitive Call of Duty drama during the CDL offseason, then this is for you. After a Black Ops 4 streamer smoked some pros, she got publicly accused of hacking. So, she used a handcam and smoked them again.

Every CoD offseason brings us throwback tournaments. In these, diehards often face off against pro players who used to dominate those classic titles. That was the case for CelyXO, a female streamer who played a BO4 chall against three Challengers players and one Call of Duty League pro.

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After the game, Challengers player Mohak hit Twitter with a Cely clip to see if people thought she was cheating. Within moments, community figures like James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks, Indervir ‘iLLeY’ Dhaliwal, and Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker chimed in.

All of the aforementioned names called her a cheater, some with “100%” certainty.

Black Ops grinder accused of hacking

The BO4 Saug 9mm is a high-mobility, difficult-to-control submachine gun. But, in the clip, Cely flicks from head to head, absolutely dismantling people. Being that accurate with a messy gun seems unnatural, so Mohak turned to the CoD community: “human or AI?”  

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His teammate in the match, iLLeY, replied “AI.” And iLLeY’s former CDL Champion teammate, the veteran Clayster, agreed: “Cheating 100%.” With such respected names calling her a hacker, admins then required Cely to use a “mandatory handcam” for future matches.

So she did.

Cely puts down the hacking accusers

With the handcam enabled, Cely proceeded to put down the same squad who were convinced she was hacking. Shooting bodies and winning rounds, the streamer put the accusations and accusers to bed simultaneously.

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Unfortunately, even that wasn’t enough for Clayster. The multi-time champion responded to backlash by saying “there’s literally no way to tell unless on LAN” and that he’s “still standing by” his first impression.

But, on the flip side, former pro Tommy ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto hit Twitter with a different take: “First girl in the CoD League?”


That may be tough, especially since Cely seems to only enjoy 2018’s BO4 and doesn’t play respawn modes much. Still, it shows the potential some of these grinders have and it will be interesting to see if she hits Challengers for Vanguard.

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Oh, and it also proves that maybe we shouldn’t trust pro players’ 100% guarantees. Accusing someone and re-challing seems like an easy way to get your body shot.

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