CoD players warned as “advanced” console cheats evolve ahead of Black Ops 6 release

Eleni Thomas
An official image from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

A Call of Duty streamer has warned players to watch out for “advanced” console cheats ahead of the release of Black Ops 6.

Cheating in Call of Duty is not a new concept, with players consistently calling out opponents for using things like aim-assists, wall hacks, and more to get an unfair edge on players.

However, cheating has mainly been an issue when playing on PC, with console restrictions and limitations typically able to block most hacking software but not all.

In the lead-up to Black Ops 6, the highly anticipated upcoming installment for the franchise, concerns over cheats and hacking have come to light, with one content creator warning console players to look out for major advancement in cheating, particularly on consoles 

Call of Duty streamer KapZ shared a clip on X imploring fellow CoD players to watch out for “advancing” cheats when playing on consoles. 

The streamer claimed that “console is no longer a safe space for competitive CoD” and included a clip in the initial post showcasing an example of these advanced cheating tactics in Warzone.

While some were quick to point out that the footage in question was actually using PC hacks, the original poster confirmed that while this was true, the match was being played on console. “The game is running on console but a PC is being used to run the cheats yes.”

Given that Black Ops 6 will be released on both current and old-gen consoles, this preemptive warning has already put console players on high alert ahead of its launch.

“This is terrible that devs can’t stop this … charging expensive prices for every little thing and can’t guarantee the basics are fair,” one X user commented on the post.

“F**king cheating tricks are ruining the game. Every mode almost every game,” another added.