Black Ops Cold War players want Treyarch to bring over simple Warzone feature

. 9 months ago
Black Ops Cold War Warzone Finisher Menu Randomization With Logo

Despite Call of Duty: Vanguard’s imminent release, Black Ops Cold War still has plenty of passionate players, some of which are calling on developer Treyarch to add a popular feature from Warzone into their CoD of choice.

The hype for Call of Duty’s next installment, Vanguard, continues to build after many players got their first taste of the game during its open beta sessions. And, while next year’s CoD is rapidly approaching, the previous title is far from dead.

Insider reports indicate that Black Ops Cold War will continue to receive major support even after Vanguard’s release, and the ’80s-themed title is still going strong, with a sizeable community across the game’s multiplayer and Zombies game modes.

With Cold War set to receive new content for the foreseeable future, its players continue to look for Treyarch to implement improvements to the gameplay experience, and their latest request is for the developer to port over a missing feature that is already present in Warzone.

Warzone Finishing Move Final
Cold War fans want Treyarch to take a page out of Warzone’s playbook.

In a post shared to the game’s subreddit, one player implored Treyarch to add a customization option that is currently missing from the non-BR title: randomized finishers.

“[I’d like] to be able to randomize filtered finishing moves. This would require little to no work and would make many happy,” the player wrote, surmising the feature could be copied over from Warzone without much of a hassle.

They also included a simple mockup of what that filtering system might look like, sharing many of the same stylizations that its Warzone counterpart features in its own finisher selection menu (which does, in fact, already offer randomization options).

This idea seemed to be a hit with the Cold War community, and plenty of other fans voiced their support for the feature to be added.

“That would give the player a lot of variety when it comes to [finishers]. You definitely have my vote!” one comment read. “This is an amazing idea,” another player chimed in, “[and I] hope they implement it.”

Others looked beyond just finishing moves, and wondered if such a system could be added to other menus as well. “[Cold War] already has a filter feature for operator skins, but still nothing for vehicle skins, war tracks, watches or finishing moves,” another fan pointed out.

While it remains to be seen what manner of content Cold War’s post-Vanguard support will feature, it appears the community is quite passionate about the devs copying over this feature from Warzone, and it’s quite possible we could see its implementation in a future update.

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