Strange Cold War Zombies bug takes chopper gunner to the underworld

. 10 months ago
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies Chopper Gunner Underworld Bug With Logo
Activision / Treyarch

Another interesting Black Ops Cold War bug has made itself known in the game’s Zombies mode, transporting one unfortunate player to the Call of Duty underworld after calling in their chopper gunner killstreak.

While many players do enjoy their time in Black Ops Cold War’s iteration of Zombies, there have been plenty of bugs throughout the game’s lifecycle that have nagged away at the overall experience.

Some of these glitches are more entertaining than frustrating, while others are completely rage-inducing — like another unintended side effect that has completely wiped out all Zombies camo progress for some unfortunate players.

Now, yet another glitch has joined their ranks, as one unlucky player randomly discovered that calling in your hard-earned chopper gunner killstreak might not always result in the outcome you were hoping for.

Cold War Zombies Chopper Gunner Bug Underworld Screenshot
Reddit / 'u/Sandman343'
This unfortunate player found themselves in quite a spooky situation.

The player in question shared a clip of the bizarre experience on the Cold War subreddit, and summed up the events of the video in one simple sentence: “So, my heli is now a submarine.”

In the footage, they can be seen calling in a chopper gunner killstreak, simple enough. Things quickly take an unexpected turn, however, when the player’s camera shifts to the perspective of the gunner.

The helicopter immediately takes a concerning nosedive straight towards the ground. Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, the vehicle actually passes through concrete and enters what looks like a scene from the Upside Down in Stranger Things.

“What the f**k?” the player asked themselves, before letting out a surprised scream and then bursting into uncontrollable laughter after seeing where they ended up.

Fellow Zombies players on Reddit were quick to chime in with their own takes on these events. Some had the same funny reaction as the player did, with another fan commenting “Gotta love Cold War and its spaghetti code!”

Others had a harsher outlook on the glitch, however. “AAA game by the way” a second player responded, with yet another chiming in “I refuse to buy the new game. They can’t even finish this one.”

Even more comments confirmed that other players had encountered the same bug — which had sometimes robbed them of some impressive late-round runs — so the glitch doesn’t appear to be limited to this specific individual.

While it doesn’t seem Treyarch is tracking this issue at the time of writing, hopefully they can send out a fix in a future patch to make sure no one else gets robbed of their hard-earned streaks. Until then, it might be best to avoid using chopper gunners and choose another streak instead.

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