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Black Ops Cold War countdown trailer teases multiplayer maps & locations

Published: 6/Sep/2020 22:08

by Albert Petrosyan


A new teaser trailer released for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has teased some of the locations where the game’s multiplayer maps will be based.

The hype for Black Ops Cold War is at an all-time high as the September 9 multiplayer reveal is just days away and the game’s full release not too long after.

In the lead-up to the multiplayer reveal event, Activision have been putting out teaser images and short videos to get the player-base even more excited, and their latest one on September 6 actually may include some valuable intel as well.

The video, which is only a few seconds long, repeatedly shows several points on the world, either with red dots or a radar scan, which are highly likely to be where some of the MP maps are set.


The first one shown is in south Florida, most likely Miami, which we already know is where one of the maps will be located, based on the recently leaked gameplay from the BOCW alpha.

Next, the video shifts to some sort of radar that’s centered right on the border between Brazil and Peru. This one’s a bit interesting since there are no major cities of historical Cold War significance in that area, but the scanner could definitely be hinting that there’s something noteworthy about the immediate region.

There are a couple more red dots shown in the clip, one of which is in Nicaragua, which, of course, definitely has historical prominence when it comes to that era. The Nicaraguan Revolution kicked off in 1978 and was a big part of the Cold War’s presence in Latin America, so it’s not surprising that BOCW will have an MP map set there.


TreyarchThe Miami-based map was shown in the leaked Black Ops Cold War gameplay footage.

There’s also a couple of markers set somewhere in the open sea – one directly southwest of Mexico and the other in the mid-Atlantic. This seems to confirm previous leaks that one of the MP maps would actually be out in the water, featuring no actual land but three ships connected with ziplines that players can use.

Of course, whatever this teaser trailer appears to reveal leaves a lot more to be desired, a hunger that will only be satisfied with the full multiplayer reveal event on September 9.

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